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1: Danny McGee Drinks the Sea


1: Danny McGee Drinks the Sea - 2017

by Andy Stanton

Summary: An utterly hilarious Seussian picture book-with a surprise ending-about a mischievous little boy who gobbles up everything in the whole entire world, except for one very important thing. . . .
When Danny McGee, much to his big sister Frannie's surprise, drinks up the sea with a giant straw, it turns out he's just getting started. Soon nothing is safe from getting swallowed whole by Danny McGee-not the mountains, not the trees, not even the weather girl on TV! He eats up America and...  read more »

Alistair Outer Space


Alistair Outer Space - 1984

by Marilyn Sadler

Summary: When Alistair is kidnapped by a spaceship full of Goots from Gootula, his main concern is for his overdue library books. - Amazon

Always Room for One More


Always Room for One More - 1965

by Sorche Nic Leodhas

Summary: Lachie MacLachlan, the generous hero of this enchanting tale, is the exception to the rule that the Scots are a thrifty lot. In his "wee house in the heather," Lachie lives with his family of twelve, and he welcomes to his hearth every weary traveler who passes by on a stormy night. "There's always room for one more," says Lachie, and how his grateful guests say a wonderful "thank you" provides a delightfully warm and tender ending to this hilarious tale of kindness.

The story, derived...  read more »

Arnie, the Doughnut


Arnie, the Doughnut - 2003

by Laurie Keller

Summary: A deliciously imaginative story about friendship―from the author / illustrator of The Scrambled States of America.
Arnie was fascinated as he watched the customers stream into the bakery. One by one, doughnuts were chosen, placed in paper bags, and whisked away with their new owners. Some went by the dozen in giant boxes.
"Good-bye!" Arnie yelled to each doughnut. "Have a good trip!"
"This is so exciting!" Arnie beamed. "I wonder who will choose ME?"
At first glance, Arnie looks...  read more »



Boo! - 2016

Summary: Scared you! This little mouse thinks he's the bravest animal around, but it seems that he's not the only one. . .
All the animals are keen to show off their bravery—from the crocodile with his mighty jaws, to the tiger with her scary claws! But who will be the bravest of them all?

Ben Newman is an award-winning illustrator who spends the majority of his time collaborating on the Professor Astro Cat children's books with his longtime friend and scientist, Dr. Dominic Walliman, which are published by Flying Eye Books and have been translated into eighteen languages.
- Amazon

Box Turtle at Long Pond


Box Turtle at Long Pond - 1989

by William T. George

Summary: "A day in the life of a box turtle is rendered carefully in words and lifelike illustrations with a text that respects its subject....Superior."--School Library Journal. "Will delight the young viewer. An excellent introduction to pond ecology, and a strikingly beautiful book."--Kirkus Reviews.
It is dawn at Long Pond. Box Turtle's red eyes look out from his shelter within a crumbling tree, and his day begins ...
In Beaver at Long Pond, the Georges introduced the pond and its resident. In...  read more »

The Cherry Pie Baby


The Cherry Pie Baby - 1989

by Kay Chorao

Summary: Bored with her doll and longing for a real baby brother, Annie swaps five of her father's pies for a baby from another dog family and finds out just how much trouble an infant can be - Amazon

Country Crossing


Country Crossing - 1991

by Jim Aylesworth

Summary: Recreates the sights and sounds at a country crossing one summer night, as an old car patiently awaits the passing of a long and noisy freight train - Amazon

Cranberry Easter


Cranberry Easter - 1990

by Wende Devlin

Summary: Events at Easter time convince Seth, owner of Cranberryport's general store, that he is needed in town and should change his plans to retire and leave. Includes a recipe for cranberry cobbler. - Amazon

December 24th


December 24th - 1986

by Denys Cazet

Summary: Young rabbits Emily and Louie have a special reason for giving their grandfather a present on December 24, but first he must guess why it's a special day. - Amazon

Everything Is Mama


Everything Is Mama - 2017

by Jimmy Fallon

Summary: Everything is . . .
Jimmy Fallon, one of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC's Tonight Show host, was on a mission with his first children's book to have every baby's first word be DADA. And it worked! A lot of babies' first words were DADA. However, everything after that was MAMA.
So take a lighthearted look at the world from your baby's point of view as different animals try to teach their children that there are other words in addition to MAMA for familiar objects and activities.
- Amazon

Fancy Nancy: Oodles of Kittens


Fancy Nancy: Oodles of Kittens - 2018

by Jane O'Connor

Summary: Fancy Nancy returns in a purr-fect story about felines, canines, and making new four-legged friends! A hardcover picture book from the dazzling New York Times bestselling duo Jane O'Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser.
It's raining, and Nancy hears a strange sound coming from outside. Nancy and Bree decide to investigate, and what do they find? Lo and behold! It's oodles of adorable kittens! (Oodles is fancy for a lot.)
After finding some of the kittens good homes, Nancy and Bree each get to...  read more »

A fun weekend


A fun weekend - 1991

by Franz Brandenberg

Summary: When Adrian and Paula and their parents get in their van to set out for A Fun Weekend, there is so much to do on the way that their plan changes--and comes to an even more enjoyable conclusion. Full-color illustrations. - Amazon

Good Night, Bunny


Good Night, Bunny - 2018

by Lauren Thompson

Summary: "Good night, you,

and good night, me.

Good night kisses one, two, three."

Bunny says "good night" to the drowsy world, from the bluebells and pansies to the turtledove and ducklings in a row.

Featuring beautiful watercolor illustrations by Stephanie Yue, Good Night, Bunny is a sweet good night book for sleepyheads everywhere. - Amazon

The Great Dictionary Caper


The Great Dictionary Caper - 2018

by Judy Sierra

Summary: "Teachers will have field day with this wordplay; this caper is clever, capricious, and cunning." -Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Bored with sitting in a dictionary 'day in, day out,' the words make a break for it and organize a parade which...introduce linguistics terminology in just about the most playful way possible." -Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"This is a charming, peppy introduction, enhanced by Comstock's energetic, retro-flair illustrations, which fill the...  read more »

Growing up is hard sometimes: A book about independence and responsibility


Growing up is hard sometimes: A book about independence and responsibility - 1986

by Barbara Shook Hazen

Summary: Jessie learns that growing up has its responsibilities as well as its privileges. - Amazon

Here We Are


Here We Are - 2017

by Oliver Jeffers

Summary: #1 New York Times bestseller A TIME Magazine Best Book of the Year A NPR Best Book of 2017 A Boston Globe Best Book of 2017 "Moments of human intimacy jostle with scenes that inspire cosmic awe, and the broad diversity of Jeffers; s candy-colored humans...underscores the twin messages that ; You; re never alone on Earth; and that we; re all in this together."— Publisher; s Weekly (starred review) "A true work of art."— BuzzFeed Oliver Jeffers, arguably the most influential creator...  read more »

The Hokey-Pokey Man


The Hokey-Pokey Man - 1989

by Steven Kroll

Summary: When the Hokey-Pokey man lets Ben and Sarah in on a big secret--that the ice cream cone has been invented and will soon debut in New York--the secret gets out and the fun begins - Amazon

I Am a Cat


I Am a Cat - 2018

by Galia Bernstein

Summary: A simple housecat named Simon encounters some bigger cats: Lion, Puma, Panther, Tiger, and Cheetah. Each of the big cats has something to say about Simon not being "cat" enough. According to them, he just doesn't measure up. He doesn't have Lion's mane or Cheetah's spots. He doesn't sleep in trees like Panther or climb mountains like Puma. He's small and fuzzy, not big and strong. But ultimately, Simon shows the big cats that he's just like them . . . only smaller.
A celebration...  read more »

I Am Not a Chair!


I Am Not a Chair! - 2017

by Ross Burach

Summary: Grab the best seat in the house with this funny, touching picture book about a giraffe who keeps being mistaken for a chair!
From the acclaimed author-illustrator of There's a Giraffe in My Soup, Ross Burach, comes a curious tale about finding one's courage and standing up for oneself. Full of vibrant and playful illustrations and hilariously absurd logic, kids will want to read it again and again.
Could there be anything worse for Giraffe? Maybe being sat on by a skunk or smooshed by two...  read more »

I Don't Want to Be Big


I Don't Want to Be Big - 2016

by Dev Petty

Summary: Fans of the hit picture book I Don't Want to Be a Frog will love this silly companion featuring a frog that's still as stubborn as ever and his surprisingly patient father - a read-aloud!

"Reminiscent of Mo Willems's 'Elephant and Piggie' series"-Publishers Weekly

Frog does NOT want to grow up. Doesn't need to be tall. Doesn't want to be able to jump high enough to see the tree frogs. He's just FINE being small. Besides, if you grow up, you don't get to do fun things like jump in...  read more »

I Love You for Miles and Miles


I Love You for Miles and Miles - 2017

by Alison Goldberg

Summary: Love can be stronger than the strongest excavator, longer than the longest train, and taller than the tallest crane. And no matter where you go, love travels with you always. With exciting imagery and engaging, lyrical text, Alison Goldberg and Mike Yamada; s I Love You for Miles and Miles is an I-love-you book perfect for children who love things that go!

I Love You Like a Pig


I Love You Like a Pig - 2017

by Mac Barnett

Summary: From the acclaimed bestselling author of Extra Yarn and Sam and Dave Dig a Hole, Mac Barnett, and award-winning illustrator Greg Pizzoli comes a new classic picture book that celebrates the tender and silly moments of our lives.
I like you like a tree.
You're funny like a fossil.
I love you like a pig.
Oink! Oink! Oink!
The whimsical pairing of the text and art make for interactive read-aloud fun with little ones.
- Amazon

Ida and Betty and the Secret Eggs


Ida and Betty and the Secret Eggs - 1991

by Kay Chorao

Summary: Ida and Betty's close friendship is further solidified by their discovery of a bird's nest with four perfect blue eggs in it, but the arrival of Lucinda, and her sudden closeness to Betty, nearly destroys that bond - Amazon



Jabberwocky - 1985

by Lewis Carroll

Summary: The author/illustrator of the best-selling "Animalia" interprets the famed poem from "Through the Looking Glass," offering thirty-two imaginative and marvelously detailed illustrations - Amazon

The Last Puppy


The Last Puppy - 1989

by Frank Asch

Summary: The last born of nine puppies worries that he will be the last chosen for a pet of a new owner. - Amazon

Little Drummer Boy, The


Little Drummer Boy, The - 1987

by Ezra Jack Keats

Summary: An illustrated version of the Christmas carol about the procession to Bethlehem and the offer of a poor boy to play his drum for the Christ Child. Music for the song appears in the back of the book - Amazon

Little Toot and the Loch Ness Monster


Little Toot and the Loch Ness Monster - 1989

by Hardie Gramatky

Summary: Little Toot travels to Scotland where he befriends the Loch Ness monster. - Amazon



Lost! - 1990

by David McPhail

Summary: Everyone knows how scary it is to be lost, but a little boy helps a big bear make the best of things while they search for the animal's forest home - Amazon

Me Tall, You Small


Me Tall, You Small - 2017

Summary: Me Tall, You Small is a series of playful vignettes in the daily life of a pair of weasels, parent and child. Whether they are having a bubble bath, kicking a soccer ball, or eating ice cream together, simple paired phrases showcase their loving—and amusingly realistic—relationship. After a fall: You boo-boo. Me bandage. At bedtime: Me tired. You wired.

Creative use of language with wordplay, onomatopoeia, and rhyme infuses this book with humor and surprise. Together with the text,...  read more »



Mine! - 2017

by Jeff Mack

Summary: Start with one rock. Add two mice. The end result? A never-ending battle! Or is it? Using only one word, along with many brightly colored and lively illustrations, Jeff Mack brings his hallmark humor to this rollicking book that will have readers of every age reconsidering whether "Mine!" is the best answer. - Amazon

Mother Halverson's New Cat


Mother Halverson's New Cat - 1989

by Jim Aylesworth

Summary: Farmer Halverson tries out each of the barn cats as a house cat for his wife until he finds just the right one - Amazon

My Pillow Keeps Moving


My Pillow Keeps Moving - 2018

by Laura Gehl

Summary: A lonely man tries to buy a pillow . . . and ends up with a new best friend in this silly and sweet doggy tale, perfect for fans of Officer Buckle and Gloria.

Dogs make good pillows, don't they?

A clever pup ends up in a cozy home, and she'll do anything to stay there. She impersonates everything the lonely homeowner needs--a pillow, a footstool, a jacket. But in the end, being herself works best. Laura Gehl's spare, humorous text and New Yorker cartoonist Christopher Weyant's expressive characters will leave young readers giggling and begging for more. - Amazon

Not Quite Black and White


Not Quite Black and White - 2016

by Jonathan Ying

Summary: Silly animals star in this lively picture book that introduces colors in a unique and catchy way.
Have you ever seen a zebra wearing pink polka dots? Or a penguin with bright-yellow boots?
Debut brother-and-sister team Jonathan and Victoria Ying presents these surprisingly colorful animals and more in this clever celebration of colors.
- Amazon

Overnight at Mary Bloom's


Overnight at Mary Bloom's - 1987

by Aliki

Summary: A child has a wonderful time when she spends the night at her grown-up friend's apartment - Amazon




by Roger Duvoisin

Summary: A collection of five favorites--"Petunia," "Petunia's Christmas," "Petunia Takes a Trip," "Petunia Beware," and "Petunia's Treasure"--features the headstrong heroine struggling with pride and facing antic brushes with danger - Amazon

Pig's Wild Cart Ride: An Early Learner Book About Motion


Pig's Wild Cart Ride: An Early Learner Book About Motion - 1991

by Bob Graham

Summary: A pig in a cart demonstrates that an object moves until it is stopped, accompanied by four basic experiments at the end - Amazon

Prehistoric Pinkerton


Prehistoric Pinkerton - 1987

by Steven Kellogg

Summary: Pinkerton is back! And the pony-sized puppy is teething; nothing made of wood or bone is safe. When his owner takes him to Dinosaur Day at the local museum, the hilarious hijinks begin. 31 full-color illustrations. - Amazon

Red Again


Red Again - 2017

by Barbara Lehman

Summary: When a young boy discovers an abandoned book on the side of the road, it opens a window to another world just as real as his own. But what happens when the two worlds collide? This imaginative companion to the Caldecott Honor-winning The Red Book works in a continuous loop, showing us that stories never really end. While fans of the previous book will relish seeing the story play out, prior knowledge isn't necessary in order to understand or savor this one. - Amazon

Richard Scarry's Busiest People Ever!


Richard Scarry's Busiest People Ever! - 1976

by Richard Scarry

Summary: Back in print after twenty years! Now readers can once again follow all the busy people who keep Busytown running smoothly. Everyone's favorite friends are there: Huckle Cat, Lowly Worm, Sergeant Murphy, bumbling Mr. Frumble, and more. Preschoolers learning about their communities will enjoy seeing the inner workings of a farm, the harbor, the airport, and even the busy Cat household! This classic book, from the one and only Richard Scarry, will bring hours of fun to a whole new generation. - Amazon

Sea Monkey & Bob


Sea Monkey & Bob - 2017

by Aaron Reynolds

Summary: Two delightfully anxious friends learn that they can overcome anything-even gravity-in this humorous and heartwarming picture book from bestselling author Aaron Reynolds and illustrator Debbie Ridpath Ohi.

Bob the puffer fish and his best buddy Sea Monkey may be little but they've got one ocean-sized problem. Sea Monkey's terrified he'll sink straight to the bottom of the ocean. After all, he's heavy, and all heavy things sink, right? Bob on the other hand is worried that his puffed up...  read more »

Shake the Tree!: a minibombo book


Shake the Tree!: a minibombo book - 2018

by Chiara Vignocchi

Summary: There's a whole lot of shaking going on - and a funny final twist - as a series of hungry animals seek shelter in an obliging tree.

Mouse spots a nut high up in a tree. "Mmm," she says. "I'm going to gobble that up!" So she shakes the tree a little to the right, and she shakes the tree a little to the left. But it isn't the nut that falls from the tree, it's Fox, who thinks that Mouse looks pretty tasty! Soon a warthog and then a bear come along with similar ideas. Little readers will...  read more »

Spinky Sulks


Spinky Sulks - 1988

by William Steig

Summary: According to Spinky, his family doesn't love or understand him and nothing he can say or do will cure his blinding case of the sulks.What happens when you feel angry and hurt by your family's stinging words that you tear right out the front door? In many classic children's stories, the protagonist just keeps on running--setting off on a thrilling, dangerous adventure that turns out to be a cautionary tale about the risks of the great big world and a reinforcement that the only safe place to be...  read more »

The Story of Horrible Hilda and Henry


The Story of Horrible Hilda and Henry - 1988

by Emma Chichester Clark

Summary: Hilda and Henry are such beastly children that their parents decide to ship them off to the nearest zoo where they meet their match in an encounter with the king of the jungle - Amazon

Timothy and the Christmas Gift


Timothy and the Christmas Gift - 1989

by Jeffrey Dinardo

Summary: Worried that he has no money for a Christmas present for his mother and unsuccessful at attempts to earn any, Timothy comes up with an ingenious solution to the problem. - Amazon

Wally, the Worry-Warthog


Wally, the Worry-Warthog - 1990

by Barbara Shook Hazen

Summary: Wally's excessive worries about bully Wilberforce Warthog and menacing trolls under the bridge he takes to school come to a head when Wally and Wilberforce collide one day on the dreaded bridge - Amazon

What Game Shall We Play?


What Game Shall We Play? - 1990

by Pat Hutchins

Summary: The animals ask each other what game they should play, but only Owl has an answer. - Amazon

When I Was a Baby


When I Was a Baby - 1989

by Catherine Anholt

Summary: A three-year-old girl shares memories of when she was a baby with her mother as they look at pictures in a photo album. - Amazon

When the Moon Comes


When the Moon Comes - 2017

by Paul Harbridge

Summary: In this atmospheric story, a group of kids play hockey on a frozen lake by moonlight. At once nostalgic and timely, this is a gorgeous book that will speak to readers young and old.

The beaver flood has finally frozen--perfect ice, without a bump or a ripple. For the kids in town, it's Christmas in November. They wait, impatiently, for the right moment.

Finally, it arrives: the full moon.

They huff and puff through logging trails, farms, back roads and tamarack swamps,...  read more »

Which Pig Would You Choose?


Which Pig Would You Choose? - 1990

by Edith Kunhardt

Summary: Maggie and Will spend a busy day on the farm, making many choices in which the reader may share - Amazon

Will's Mammoth


Will's Mammoth - 1989

by Rafe Martin

Summary: Though his parents explain there have been no mammoths for over 10,000 years, Will goes out in the snow one day, certain he will meet some - Amazon

Willy Can Count


Willy Can Count - 1989

by Anne F. Rockwell

Summary: While outdoors, Willy and his mother observe and count a number of colorful objects, encompassing everything from shirt buttons and haystacks to birds and bugs. - Amazon

The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse


The Wolf, the Duck, and the Mouse - 2017

by Mac Barnett

Summary: This is a story about a duck and mouse who get swallowed by a wolf, and then decide to live in his belly.

Early one morning a mouse met a wolf
and was quickly gobbled up.

When a woeful mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he quickly learns he is not alone: a duck has already set up digs, and, boy, has that duck got it figured out! Turns out it's pretty nice in there, with delicious food and elegant table settings, courtesy of the wolf's unchecked gluttony. And there's something even...  read more »

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