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Three grumpy trucks


Three Grumpy Trucks - 2018

by Todd Tarpley

Summary: "Three toy trucks don't want to stop scooping, grinding, and digging on the playground until they get so overtired that a child must take them home and tuck them into bed." --

Tiny and the big dig


Tiny And The Big Dig - 2018

by Sherri Duskey Rinker

Summary: Tiny is a small, but very determined dog and right now he smells a big bone buried deep in the earth of the garden--and he is going to get that bone no matter how far down he has to dig.

Mikey and the dragons


Mikey And The Dragons - 2018

by Jocko Willink

Summary: Mikey is afraid of everything until he reads a book about a young prince who must overcome his own fears to save his kingdom from a perceived threat.

Hush, little bunny


Hush, Little Bunny - 2019

by David Ezra Stein

Summary: A father rabbit offers messages of nurturing protection and comfort to his baby.

The missing donut


The Missing Donut - 2018

by Judith Henderson

Summary: "In The Missing Donut, we meet Cris, a boy who likes things "all in a row," and his cat Crat, who likes to stir up trouble. They are an inseparable pair, but their different personalities lead to all sorts of adventures and mishaps." --

Poe won't go


Poe Won't Go - 2018

by Kelly DiPucchio

Summary: "When an elephant plants himself in the road and refuses to move, the people of Persnickety try all sorts of methods to get him to go--but one thoughtful little girl works up the courage to do what no one else has done: ask him." --

No boring stories


No Boring Stories - 2018

by Julie Falatko

Summary: Bored with sweet, boring picture books about cute and fluffy creatures, a group of unpopular animals tries to write an adventure story featuring themselves, with unwanted help from over-eager Bunny.

A Crankenstein valentine


A Crankenstein Valentine - 2014

by Samantha Berger

Summary: A boy who looks ordinary transforms into grumbling Crankenstein on the most "lovey-dovey, yuckiest day of the year."

Happy birthday from the Very Hungry Caterpillar


Happy Birthday From The Very Hungry Caterpillar - 2019

by Eric Carle

Summary: The Very Hungry Caterpillar celebrates birthdays, from presents and balloons to cake.

Kate, who tamed the wind


Kate, Who Tamed The Wind - 2018

by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon

Summary: A young girl finds a way to tame the winds besieging an old man who lives on a hill above her village.

I love you more than ...


I Love You More Than ... - 2018

by Taye Diggs

Summary: "A father reassures his young son that although they cannot always be together, he misses his baby boy and always thinks about him." --

1-2-3 peas


1-2-3 Peas - 2012

by Keith Baker

Summary: Busy little peas engage in their favorite activities as they introduce the numbers from one to 100.

Yellow ball


Yellow Ball - 2016

by Molly Bang

Summary: During a beach game, a yellow ball is accidentally tossed out to sea, has adventures, and finds a new home.

Don't touch my hair!


Don't Touch My Hair! - 2018

by Sharee Miller

Summary: Aria loves her soft and bouncy hair, but must go to extremes to avoid people who touch it without permission until, finally, she speaks up. Includes author's note.

Peppa Pig and the career day.


Peppa Pig And The Career Day. - 2018

Summary: It is Career Day at Peppa's school and people from all around town are visiting her class to talk about their jobs.

Silent night


Silent Night - 2018

Summary: "Silent night, holy night / All is calm, all is bright." Celebrate the magic of Christmas with this beautifully illustrated book, based on the world's best-loved carol, 'Silent Night.' Rediscover the nativity story in all its glory - from quaking shepherds to heaven-sent angels - as the song lyrics are brought to life on every spread.

Chicken story time


Chicken Story Time - 2016

by Sandy Asher

Summary: Storytime in the library becomes increasingly chaotic as first one chicken then a whole flock joins in and the librarian must come up with a creative solution so that everyone can enjoy the story.

LMNO peas


LMNO Peas - 2010

by Keith Baker

Summary: Get ready to roll through the alphabet with a jaunty cast of busy little peas. Featuring a range of zippy characters from Acrobat Peas to Zoologist Peas, this delightful picture book highlights a variety of interests, hobbies, and careers - each one themed to a letter of the alphabet - and gives a wonderful sense of the colorful world we live in. Children will have so much fun poring over the detailed scenes that they won't even realize they're learning the alphabet along the way!

PJ Masks 5-minute stories.


PJ Masks 5-minute Stories. - 2018

Summary: "Join Catboy, Owlette, and Gekko as they work together to defeat Romeo, Night Ninja, and Luna Girl--it's all in a night's work for our heroes!" --

Christmas wishes


Christmas Wishes - 2018

by Maggie Testa

Summary: "It is almost Christmas Day, and the PJ Masks have many wishes for the holiday season. What will they wish for? Most of all, they wish for you to have a very merry Christmas!" --



Madeline - 1967

by Ludwig Bemelmans

Summary: Madeline, smallest and naughtiest of the twelve little charges of Miss Clavell, wakes up one night with an attack of appendicitis.

Sophie Johnson, unicorn expert


Sophie Johnson, Unicorn Expert - 2019

by Morag Hood

Summary: Are you a unicorn expert? Then meet Sophie Johnson... you have a lot in common! Sophie Johnson is an endearing new picture book character, who is just bursting with information and knowledge that she is keen to pass on. She's a self-confessed unicorn expert (among other things) and has dressed up her toys and pets with their own unique horns. Strange then, that she doesn't seem to notice the real unicorn who has come into her house. A wonderfully humorous story, from a new picture book...  read more »

Duck on a disco ball


Duck On A Disco Ball - 2018

by Jeff Mack

Summary: "Every night it's the same old story. A boy wants to stay up late, and his parents won't let him. But sometimes in the morning, he notices things look a little off--like when he sees a disco ball in the kitchen ... with his toy duck on it. So one night he decides to stay up. And that's when the fun really begins." --

My toothbrush is missing!


My Toothbrush Is Missing! - 2018

by Jan Thomas

Summary: When his toothbrush goes missing, Dog's friends help him look for it.

Play this book


Play This Book - 2018

by Jessica Young

Summary: Illustrations and simple, rhyming text invite the reader to try various instruments and join a band.

Little Owl's snow


Little Owl's Snow - 2018

by Divya Srinivasan

Summary: Little Owl looks forward to his first snowfall.

Hello, door


Hello, Door - 2018

by Alastair Heim

Summary: Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow a fox as he enters a home and walks through, greeting and taking various objects, until the owners return.

Hugs & kisses for the grouchy ladybug


Hugs & Kisses For The Grouchy Ladybug - 2018

by Eric Carle

Summary: "The Grouchy Ladybug feels less grouchy once her friends show her how nice love can be." --

Neck & neck


Neck & Neck - 2018

by Elise Parsley

Summary: "A giraffe's self-esteem is tested when he competes with a balloon for a young boy's attention." --

Little Brown


Little Brown - 2018

by Marla Frazee

Summary: "Little Brown is grumpy and lonely at the dog park, until he decides to take matters into his own hands." --

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs


Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs - 1978

by Judi Barrett

Summary: The tiny town of Chewandswallow was very much like any other tiny town except for its weather which came three times a day, at breakfast lunch and dinner. But it never rained rain and it never snowed snow and it never blew just wind. It rained things like soup and juice. It snowed things like mashed potatoes. And sometimes the wind blew in storms of hamburgers. Life for the townspeople was delicious until the weather took a turn for the worse. The food got larger and larger and so did the...  read more »

The color monster


The Color Monster - 2018

by Anna Llenas

Summary: One day, Color Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through color. As this adorable monster learns to sort and define his mixed up emotions, he gains self-awareness and peace as a result.

Machines at work


Machines At Work - 1987

by Byron Barton

Summary: During a busy day at the construction site, the workers use a variety of machines to knock down a building and begin constructing a new one.

I just like you


I Just Like You - 2018

by Suzanne Bloom

Summary: A diverse group of animals show how friendship can be as simple as appreciating the critter next to you.

A house that once was


A House That Once Was - 2018

by Julie Fogliano

Summary: "Deep in the woods is a house, just a house, that once was--but now isn't--a home. Who lived in that house? Who walked down its hallways? Why did they leave it, and where did they go?" --

Isle of you


Isle Of You - 2018

by David LaRochelle

Summary: Some days are harder to get through than others, but when you're sad, or lonely, or angry, it helps to remember these words: the Isle of You. Take a moment to shake off your worries, then set sail to a land where your dreams can come true. Soar on the back of an eagle, hunt for treasure, watch dancing polar bears on roller skates -- anything you can imagine is yours. Hopeful and dreamlike, Jaime Kim's paintings illuminate a way for young readers to visualize a brighter, happier mood in this compassionate story by David LaRochelle. --

Mouse count


Mouse Count - 1991

by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Summary: Ten mice outsmart a hungry snake.

Bake like mommy


Bake Like Mommy - 2018

by Lisa Stickley

Summary: "Measure, sift, pour, mix: it's baking time for Poppy and Mommy! Whether they're whisking meringues, whipping up brownies, or making cookies, buns, or a Swiss roll slathered with cream, Poppy loves helping her mom in the kitchen. There are so many interesting things to play with, including jugs, colorful spoons, and a sieve that makes flour fall like snow. What fun! This beautiful book is perfect for little girls who want to be "just like Mommy." --

I'm in charge


I'm In Charge - 2018

by Jeanne Willis

Summary: When a little rhino, who likes to make the rules, finds a tree bursting with fruit, he is not about to share it with any of the other animals since he is in charge, but it looks like things are about to change.

Hide and seek


Hide And Seek - 2018

by Anthony Browne

Summary: Siblings Cy and Poppy play hide-and-seek in the woods.

The case of the missing chalk drawings


The Case Of The Missing Chalk Drawings - 2018

by Richard Byrne

Summary: The chalks are drawing flowers on the chalkboard, but someone keeps stealing their artwork. Sergeant Blue is on the case and determined to solve the mystery. Who could the thief be? --



Dino - 2018

by Diego Vaisberg

Summary: Meet Dino, a pet unlike any other. Having a dinosaur in the house can be tricky. He makes a mess wherever he stomps, eats everything, and scares away the mail carrier. Surely one pet dinosaur is more than enough...

Pine & Boof


Pine & Boof - 2018

by Ross Burach

Summary: When an egg from outer space falls on Boof's head, he and his best friend Pine must travel to outer space to return the space egg to its space nest.

All right already!


All Right Already! - 2018

by Jory John

Summary: "SNOW DAY! Duck is super excited and can't wait to play in the snow with his best friend, Bear. Bear isn't excited about playing with Duck, or going out in the snow. As always, he'd rather stay inside, where it's warm and cozy. But can Bear resist his persistent friend? If so, who will play in the snow with poor Duck?!" --

Circle rolls


Circle Rolls - 2018

by Barbara J Kanninen

Summary: Follow the chain reaction among different shapes when circle rolls.

The wonky donkey


The Wonky Donkey - 2010

by Craig Smith

Summary: Illustrations and lyrical text describe a bird's adventure walking down the road and meeting an odd donkey with three legs and one eye.

Carmela full of wishes


Carmela Full Of Wishes - 2018

by Matt de la Peña

Summary: Carmela, finally old enough to run errands with her brother, tries to think of the perfect birthday wish, while his wish seems to be that she stayed home. --

I do not like books anymore!


I Do Not Like Books Anymore! - 2018

by Daisy Hirst

Summary: "Lovable monster siblings Natalie and Alphonse are back with big plans in a second surprisingly touching tale in which Natalie is ready to learn how to read. Natalie and Alphonse REALLY like books. Picture books with Dad, scary stories with Mom, and especially stories they remember or make up themselves. So when it's time for Natalie to learn to read, she thinks it will be exciting -- she can have all the stories in the world now, and even read them to Alphonse. But when Natalie gets her first...  read more »

Norman, the slug with the silly shell


Norman, The Slug With The Silly Shell - 2017

by Sue Hendra

Summary: Norman is a slug who wants to be a snail, but only if he finds the perfect shell. After trying out some possibilities, he stumbles upon a doughnut.

Chicken talk


Chicken Talk - 2019

by Patricia MacLachlan

Summary: "From Newbery Medalist MacLachlan and "New York Times"-bestselling illustrator Krosoczka comes a cheeky and heartwarming picture book about chickens who scratch messages around the farm for their humans to find--resulting in surprise, chaos, and plenty of fun." --

If you ever want to bring a circus to the library, don't!


If You Ever Want To Bring A Circus To The Library, Don't! - 2017

by Elise Parsley

Summary: "Magnolia returns to explain the many downsides to bringing a circus to a local library." --

One snowy day


One Snowy Day - 2018

by Diana Murray

Summary: In this rhyming counting book, one energetic puppy and two children set out for some snowy day fun.

The Bad Seed


The Bad Seed - 2018

by Jory John

Summary: An Amazon Best Children; s Book of the Month f rom the New York Times bestselling author of the Goodnight Already! series This is a book about a bad seed. A baaaaaaaaaad seed. How bad? Do you really want to know? He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude. He; s been bad since he can remember! This seed cuts in line every time, stares at everybody and never listens. But what happens when one mischievous little seed changes his mind about himself, and decides that he wants to...  read more »

Five Little Ducks


Five Little Ducks - 2017

by James Dean

Summary: #1 New York Times bestseller James Dean turns it up in Pete the Cat; s cool adaptation of the classic children; s song "Five Little Ducks." Fans of Pete the cat will love rocking out to this classic tune with a groovy twist.



Spork - 2010

by Kyo Maclear

Summary: A humorous "multi-cutlery" tale about how Spork — half spoon, half fork — finally finds his place at the table. A charming story for anyone who has ever wondered about their place in the world.