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All welcome here


All Welcome Here - 2020

by James Preller

Summary: A picture book collection of haiku poems celebrates the first day of school and all of its excitement, challenges, and anxieties, while multimedia paintings and collages depict diverse characters navigating relatable first day experiences.

Are you eating candy without me?


Are You Eating Candy Without Me? - 2020

by Draga Jenny Malesevic

Summary: Four different children from three different families ponder what the adults in their lives do during the day. Are they jumping on trampolines? Are they eating cake and ice cream while riding birthday ponies? Are they eating candy with other adults?

Baby Clown


Baby Clown - 2020

by Kara LaReau

Summary: When Frieda and Boffo Clown have a baby, the entire circus is over the moon. But there is one problem: Baby Clown won't stop crying.

A bear is a bear (except when he's not)


A Bear Is A Bear (except When He's Not) - 2020

by Karl Newson

Summary: When Bear wakes up early from his hibernation, he can't remember what he is! Is he a bird? Or a moose? Maybe a fox? Just when it seems like Bear won't be able to figure it out, he finds his cave and decides another nap might help. Will Bear be able to remember what he is when he wakes up again in the spring?

Bears and boos


Bears And Boos - 2020

by Shirley Parenteau

Summary: It's Halloween and Big Brown Bear and the four little bears are very excited. But will there be enough costumes for everyone?



Beware! - 2019

by Bob Raczka

Summary: Using words made up of only the five letters "beware," a little bear named Abe and a bee named Bree, who have been warned about each other, compete for the flowers in their meadow, but end up as friends willing to put aside their differences and share.

Biscuit's Christmas storybook favorites


Biscuit's Christmas Storybook Favorites - 2020

by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Summary: Features nine classic stories. Join Biscuit as he plays in the snow, visits the farm, goes on a trip and more!

The bold, brave bunny


The Bold, Brave Bunny - 2020

by Beth Ferry

Summary: After his brothers and sisters ruin his favorite alphabet book, Teetu the bunny has had enough of his big bunny family! When he sneaks off into the night, what he discovers is more marvelous than he ever dreamed. He sees animals and trees and beauty and moonlight, and puts his adventures into a new book he creates all by himself. But soon Teetu tires of being alone, and just as it gets to be too much, a big fluffy surprise comes to save the day!

Buttercup the Bigfoot


Buttercup The Bigfoot - 2020

by Douglas Rees

Summary: When Willa Cathcart Wilmerding, the bravest girl in the world, is told she must stop her nightly tradition of howling at the moon, she decides to run away. High in the mountains, she meets Buttercup the Bigfoot, a friend unlike any other! Willa and Buttercup do everything together. They leap up and down the mountains, soar over mighty crevasses, and make each other crowns of flowers -- but their favorite thing to do is climb a high peak and howl at the moon. This playful story of friendship, freedom, and ferocity will have picture book readers eager for a Bigfoot friend of their very own.

Christopher Pumpkin


Christopher Pumpkin - 2020

by Sue Hendra

Summary: A witch enchants pumpkins to help with the huge, scary party she is throwing but fun-loving Christopher will have to embrace his differences in order to prove he can be frightening, too.

The clothesline


The Clothesline - 2019

by Orbie

Summary: This is a story about a little boy who lives above a convenience store with his mom. When he goes to spend his pocket money on candy, he gives the knot on the clothesline a good yank (it makes the best sound). One day, he tugs a little too hard, and takes the stairs a little too fast, and -- whiiiiiz! -- gets stuck hanging smack in the middle of the clothesline. He cries for help, but Mom doesn't hear. He waits for someone to save him, but only a black cat slinks by. His arm gets tired -- but if he hangs on with both hands, he'll risk dropping his coins! It's a true dilemma.

The Color Monster goes to school


The Color Monster Goes To School - 2020

by Anna Llenas

Summary: The Color Monster feels a little nervous. Today is his first day at school -- and he doesn't even have a clue what school is! But, guided by his young friend, the Color Monster has lots of new adventures and makes new friends -- and looks forward to tomorrow.

First day critter jitters


First Day Critter Jitters - 2020

by Jory John

Summary: It's almost the first day of school, and the animals are nervous. Sloth worries about getting there on time, snake can't seem to get his backpack fastened onto his body, and bunny is afraid she'll want to hop around instead of sitting still. When they all arrive at their classroom, though, they're in for a surprise: Somebody else is nervous too. It's their teacher, the armadillo! He has rolled in as a ball, and it takes him a while to relax and unfurl. But by the next day, the animals have all figured out how to help one another through their jitters. School isn't so scary after all.

The ghosts went floating


The Ghosts Went Floating - 2020

by Kim Norman

Summary: Witches, werewolves, and other creatures celebrate Halloween in an illustrated rhyme that can be sung to the tune of "The Ants Go Marching."

A girl like you


A Girl Like You - 2020

by Frank Murphy

Summary: Encourages every girl to embrace all of the things that make her unique, to be strong and kind, to stand up for herself, and more.

Good night, little engine


Good Night, Little Engine - 2020

by Watty Piper

Summary: After a day of play, Little Engine settles in to sleep, but when she hears a noise outside, she goes on a midnight ride, finding a certain someone who needs her help. Say "Good night" to Little Engine in this beautiful, rhyming picture book perfect for little ones at bedtime.

Green on green


Green On Green - 2020

by Dianne White

Summary: Illustrations and simple, rhyming text highlight the animals, fruits, feelings, and colors that characterize each season of the year.

The grumpy pirate


The Grumpy Pirate - 2020

by Corinne Demas

Summary: Grumpy Gus is one pirate that complains about everything, even about seeking treasure, an attitude that annoys his fellow pirates -- so the Pirate Queen gives Gus an equally grumpy parrot in hopes that it will teach Gus a lesson and make him change his grumpy ways.



Grumpycorn - 2020

by Sarah McIntyre

Summary: Unicorn wants to write the most fabulous story, but he has no idea what to write, and soon he starts blaming his lack of ideas on the friends who keep "interrupting" him -- until they show him that all the best stories are written together.

Hello, world!


Hello, World! - 2020

by Ethan Long

Summary: Come meet the busy, spirited world of Happy County, where a lot of things are happening and every day can end on a happy note. The Bright Brothers are testing their newest invention. Hannah the Handywoman is hunting for her hammer. And Mr. Rhinehorn is just trying to get some sleep!

Hey, who made this mess?


Hey, Who Made This Mess? - 2020

by Primo Gallanosa

Summary: Someone has been sleeping on Elephant's haystack, drinking from Lion's bowl, going potty in Ostrich's sandbox, and scratching Giraffe's favorite tree. Who could it be?



Hike - 2020

by Pete Oswald

Summary: A father and child head out on a hike, keeping a cherished family tradition alive.

I don't want to wash my hands!


I Don't Want To Wash My Hands! - 2020

by Tony Ross

Summary: When the little princess hears about the germs and nasties living all around her, she understands the importance of washing her hands a lot.

I love my fangs!


I Love My Fangs! - 2020

by Kelly Leigh Miller

Summary: Young Dracula loves his fangs and is very upset after one falls out -- especially when the Tooth Fairy tries to take it away.

I love my teacher


I Love My Teacher - 2020

by Giles Andreae

Summary: A colorful, fun-filled picture book all about school! Put your coat on the hook, play with friends and join in all the day's activities. Start with show and tell, reading and writing, then playtime, making things and singing. Teacher makes sure every school day is the best! This sweet and simple story follows a typical school day, from morning hello's to home time. Perfect for sharing with your little one so they know just what to expect when they start school.

I see a shadow


I See A Shadow - 2020

by Laura Breen

Summary: Shadows are fun. They can be funny, too. Mostly, shadows are all around us, and not always what they seem. Here is a delightful, graphic celebration of imagination.

Jasper & Ollie build a fort


Jasper & Ollie Build A Fort - 2020

by Alex Willan

Summary: Jasper the fox and Ollie the sloth have a fort-building contest in their yard.

Knowing the name of a bird


Knowing The Name Of A Bird - 2020

by Jane Yolen

Summary: This inquisitive, ornithological ode celebrates a love of birds -- no matter what we call them and why. A bird cannot be defined simply by the name we call it -- robin, hawk, peacock, swan. Nor can a bird be reduced to the exact blue of its neck, the tint of its red breast, or how it builds a nest. Celebrating all the ways we identify and enjoy winged creatures, this book suggests that only the birds themselves are able to give the truest expression of their natures -- through their songs.

Layla's happiness


Layla's Happiness - 2019

by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie

Summary: Seven-year-old Layla divulges many things that make her happy, especially her family and their community garden.

Lilly & friends


Lilly & Friends - 2020

by Kevin Henkes

Summary: These nine stories will introduce you to new friends -- or, if you've met Lilly and her wonderful purple purse, and Owen and his fuzzy yellow blanket, and Chrysanthemum and her perfect name before, you will be happy to have all their tales (and tails!) in one book.

Little bear lost


Little Bear Lost - 1989

by Jane Hissey

Summary: Old Bear and the other toys play hide-and-seek but no one can find Little Bear.

Love by Sophia


Love By Sophia - 2020

by Jim Averbeck

Summary: Encouraged by her teacher to approach her art assignment from new points of view, Sophia produces a piece she is proud of, but can she persuade her hard-to-impress family to take a chance on a different perspective?

Monsters 101


Monsters 101 - 2020

by Cale Atkinson

Summary: Join Professors Batula McFang, Blobbins, and Howlsworth -- plus their brain-hungry friend Tina the Zombie -- as they throw open the dungeon, unseal the crypt, and shed an eerie light on all the furry, slimy, fangy monster secrets.

Motor Mouse delivers


Motor Mouse Delivers - 2020

by Cynthia Rylant

Summary: Follow Motor Mouse as he plays an unusual game of croquet with his brother, makes deliveries by bus, and reaches a crossroads.

Mr. Nogginbody and the childish child


Mr. Nogginbody And The Childish Child - 2020

by David Shannon

Summary: Mr. Nogginbody discovers that babysitting is much more difficult than he imagined, but also how much more fun it can be to act like a child than to be the grownup.

The name jar


The Name Jar - 2001

by Yangsook Choi

Summary: After Unhei moves from Korea to the United States, her new classmates help her decide what her name should be.

The Nian monster


The Nian Monster - 2016

by Andrea Wang

Summary: The legendary Nian monster has returned at Chinese New Year. Nian is intent on devouring Shanghai, starting with young Xingling! But Xingling is clever and thinks quickly to outwit him with Chinese New Year traditions.

Noodle bear


Noodle Bear - 2020

by Mark Gravas

Summary: Bear loves all kinds of noodles, but finds that he enjoys them most when he can share them with others.

Old Rock (is not boring)


Old Rock (is Not Boring) - 2020

by Deb Pilutti

Summary: Tall Pine, Spotted Beetle, and Hummingbird are certain that being a rock is boring until Old Rock shares what he has seen and done since he first flew out of a volcano.

Our favorite day of the year


Our Favorite Day Of The Year - 2020

by A E Ali

Summary: Four kindergartners who think they have nothing in common become friends after sharing traditions of their holidays, including Eid-ul-Fitr, Rosh Hashanah, Christmas, and Pi Day.

The pirates are coming!


The Pirates Are Coming! - 2020

by John Condon

Summary: Tom is on the lookout for pirates! But every time he sees a ship, it turns out to be a false alarm. Everyone is fed up of Tom's warnings. So what will happen when the pirates really do arrive?

Play day, school day


Play Day, School Day - 2020

by Toni Yuly

Summary: Tomorrow is the first day of the new school year, and big sister Mona can't wait to go back. "What do you do at school?" asks little brother Milo. As he listens to Mona recount the many things she does during the school week -- riding the bus, practicing spelling and reading, learning about science, playing with friends -- Milo's activities illustrate that with a little imagination, nature itself can be a classroom. This book shows readers that learning is play and vice versa, offering a gentle...  read more »

Play outside!


Play Outside! - 2020

by Laurent Moreau

Summary: Sent outside by their mother, two rambunctious children explore their own garden, deserts, mountains, oceans, and jungles and encounter many species of animals that are endangered or nearly extinct. Includes an index of the animals and each one's level of vulnerability to extinction.

Randy, the beautiful horse


Randy, The Beautiful Horse - 2020

by T L McBeth

Summary: Randy knows he's a beautiful horse -- everyone says so. But is he?



Robobaby - 2020

by David Wiesner

Summary: Excited by the arrival of a new baby, a family of robots is nearly undone by technical difficulties until big sister steps in and repairs the situation.

Rum pum pum


Rum Pum Pum - 2020

by David L Harrison

Summary: 'Rrrrh!' means 'Let's be friends' in tiger talk, but the other animals don't understand him and run away! Maybe the gentle "rum-pum-pum" of the drum can help him find a friend.

Sloth went


Sloth Went - 2020

by Adam Lehrhaupt

Summary: With encouragement from his mother and animal friends, a nervous young Sloth makes his first, dangerous climb down the tree to take care of important business. Includes facts about sloths and how they poop.

Smart George


Smart George - 2020

by Jules Feiffer

Summary: When George's mother asks him to add one plus one, two plus two, and three plus three, George would rather eat, go for a walk, and take a nap. But soon George finds himself in a colorful dream about numbers!

Sorry (really sorry)


Sorry (really Sorry) - 2020

by Joanna Cotler

Summary: After Cow's bad mood spreads to the whole farm, Dog starts a new chain reaction by showing kindness.

Stanley's fire engine


Stanley's Fire Engine - 2020

by William Bee

Summary: Stanley has a busy day putting out fires and keeping his friends and community safe.

The stone giant


The Stone Giant - 2020

by Anna Hoglund

Summary: A story about cunning, courage and survival in which a girl sets out to save her father from the giant who turns everyone she meets to stone.

The string thing


The String Thing - 2020

by David L Burrier

Summary: A group of children surprise the entire kingdom when they work together and use string to rescue an unknown man from the bottom of a deep, dark hole.

Sun flower lion


Sun Flower Lion - 2020

by Kevin Henkes

Summary: Sun shines. Flower blooms. Lion explores. Sun shines. Flower blooms. Lion dreams. Sun shines. Flower blooms. Lion runs. Look! There he goes!

Sunny the bunny


Sunny The Bunny - 2020

by Jace Higgins

Summary: Sunny the bunny is finding it hard to say goodbye to home before she leaves for sleepaway camp. When she decides to try new things at camp, Sunny discovers that new things can be fun.



Tad - 2020

by Benji Davies

Summary: Meet Tad. She's the smallest tadpole in a big pond. And she's not frightened of Big Blub. Not. At. All. But when her tadbrothers and tadsisters start to get bigger and disappear, Tad worries that she'll be left all alone. All alone in the dark, with Big Blub. Growing up might take longer when you start at the bottom, but sometimes tiny hearts have the biggest dreams.

This way, Charlie


This Way, Charlie - 2020

by Caron Levis

Summary: Jack, an introverted goat, and Charlie, a blind horse, meet at Open Bud Ranch, an animal rehabilitation center, and form an unlikely friendship that grows stronger in the face of adversity.

A thousand no's


A Thousand No's - 2020

by D J Corchin

Summary: A little girl with a great idea is, at first, disheartened to hear "NO!" but with perseverance, collaboration, and imagination she finds a way to build something even greater.

The three billy goats buenos


The Three Billy Goats Buenos - 2020

by Susan Middleton Elya

Summary: A rhyming twist on the classic tale in which the goats help fix what is making the troll so grumpy in order to cross the bridge. Incorporates Spanish words and includes a glossary.

A unicorn named Sparkle and the pumpkin monster


A Unicorn Named Sparkle And The Pumpkin Monster - 2020

by Amy Young

Summary: Lucy and Sparkle are excited to carve their Halloween pumpkins, but things suddenly take a spooky turn.

Ways to welcome


Ways To Welcome - 2020

by Linda Ashman

Summary: Illustrations and easy-to-read, rhyming text show how to give a friendly welcome at school, in the neighborhood, or at home.

We disagree


We Disagree - 2020

by Bethanie Deeney Murguia

Summary: A mouse and a squirrel can't seem to agree on anything. Can they possibly be friends?

We will rock our classmates


We Will Rock Our Classmates - 2020

by Ryan T Higgins

Summary: Penelope the T. Rex was born to be a rock star. But playing her heart out is hard when her friends only see her as a dinosaur!

The weather's bet


The Weather's Bet - 2020

by Ed Young

Summary: Retells the fable, "The Wind and the Sun," in which Wind, Rain, and Sun attempt to remove the cap of a shepherdess.

Wonderful you


Wonderful You - 2020

by Lisa Graff

Summary: All sorts of babies from all sorts of families are loved as their families wait for their arrival.

The world needs more purple people


The World Needs More Purple People - 2020

by Kristen Bell

Summary: What is a purple person? Great question. I mean, really great! Because purple people always ask really great questions. They bring their family, friends, and communities together, and they speak up for what's right. They are kind and hardworking, and they love to laugh (especially at Grandpa's funny noises)! A purple person is an everyday superhero! How do you become one? That's the fun part! Penny Purple will lead you through the steps. Get ready to be silly, exercise your curiosity, use your voice, and be inspired.