2020 Teen Summer Reading Program

What is Teen Summer Reading?

  • A great chance for kids entering 6th grade and up to read, stay active, learn, and have fun through the library over the summer
  • Join the Teen Readers' Club and earn prizes for reading and other activities

How do I join?

  • Paper logs can be requested when an appointment is made to pick-up holds for curbside pick-up beginning Tuesday, June 2nd
  • Join virtually through ReaderZone

How do I sign up virtually?

  • Search the for the ReaderZone app at your app store
  • Install the app on your Android, Apple, or Amazon device
  • Make an account and enter our Program Code: 5f6b5
  • Select the program(s) you would like to join (minutes or pages read)
  • Start logging your reading

How do I log my reading?

  • Paper log: record the minutes read or pages read each time you read

  • ReaderZone App: record reading via the ReaderZone app by adding in the total minutes read or the pages read

Why is Teen Summer Reading important?

  • Students need a high level of literacy to be successful in higher education and future employment and teens who participate in summer reading programs are shown to maintain or improve their reading skills over the summer months.
  • Members of the Teen Readers' Club are encouraged to read whatever they want in a variety of formats (books, magazines, graphic novels, audio books). Allowing free choice in reading materials makes reading more enjoyable (especially for struggling readers) and helps instill a life-long love of reading. Studies show that kids who read for fun often out-perform kids who don't in school.
  • Young people learn best when they are actively engaged in subjects they care about.