Printing, Scanning, & Faxing at the Library


Printing & Copying Fees

Black & White 15¢ / page
Color 50¢ / page



  • Outgoing faxing services are available at the Information Desk at no charge



  • Documents can be scanned to a flashdrive or sent to an email address for no charge at the printer/copier behind the Information Desk


Printing From a Library Computer

  • Printing is available from any library computer
  • Once sent, print jobs are kept in the print queue until close that day

Printing From Your Own Device (within or outside the library)

Once sent, print jobs are kept in the print queue until close that day

Option 1. Printing from a Laptop or Desktop 
  • Visit our PrinterOn site.
  • Select either the color or black and white printer.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Browse your computer and select the file you wish to print.
  • Click the green print icon to the left. You will see the status of your print job and a reference number.
  • Your print job will be waiting for you to print at the Johnston Public Library print release station.
Option 2. Printing from a smartphone or tablet:
  • Visit your device's "store" for apps. Install and launch the PrinterOn App.
  • Click No Printer Selected.
  • Click Search and look for Johnston Public Library, then click Save.
  • To Print:
    • Documents: when viewing the document, click in the upper right corner and upload  the document to the PrinterOn App.
    • Photos from your phone: open the app, click on Photo, and select a photo to print.
    • Select the printer and click the print icon.
    • Enter an email address and click on the check mark.
Option 3. Use email to send prints:
  • At the Print Release Station in the library, select Release a Print Job.
  • Enter the email address you supplied and select your print job.
  • Enter your library card number without spaces.