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What is interlibrary loan and how does it work?

Interlibrary loan (ILL) is a network of libraries throughout the United States who agree to lend materials to each other. When the Johnston Public Library doesn’t own an item, we can ask other libraries to send it to us so that we can lend it to you.

How is ILL different from a purchase request?

Use the ILL request for items that have been published for at least six months or for items that wouldn’t be of general interest to other library patrons. Submit a purchase request for new or forthcoming items or titles that you think would appeal to others.

How many items can I request at a time?

You can have up to five active requests at a time. This gives you time to read, listen to, or view the material before it is due back to the lending library.

What can I NOT order through ILL?

We don’t borrow materials that we own. Place a hold for an item in our collection that is currently checked out. We don’t borrow items that were published within the past six months. Submit a purchase request or wait six months before submitting an ILL request. We don’t borrow puppets, molds, cake pans, or learning tools. E-books and e-audiobooks are subject to licensing agreements and are not eligible for ILL.

Is there a charge for ILL?

Johnston Public Library does not charge for this service. Sometimes, the lending library will charge a fee which we would pass on to you. We will always talk to you about any fees before agreeing to borrow the item on your behalf.

How long will it take for my ILL to arrive?

It usually takes about 2 weeks for your ILL request to be available for pick-up. If it’s taking longer, we’ll call or e-mail you with an update. We’ll also let you know if we’re unable to borrow the item.

How will I know when to pick up my ILL?

ILLs are just like holds. We’ll notify you by the method you’ve chosen (text, e-mail, or phone) when the item is ready for you to pick up.

How long can I keep my ILL?

The lending library sets the due date. Generally, you’ll have 3 weeks to read, listen to, or view the item before it is due back at our library.

Can I renew my ILL?

Renewal is up to the lending library. Submit your request for renewal five days before the item is due. We’ll ask the lending library and let you know if they’re willing to extend the due date. If the lending library is willing, you may renew up to two times. If you’re still not through with the item, we ask that you return it and wait a month before submitting an ILL request to borrow it again.

Why do you put a wrapper around the item?

We wrap the item to remind you that you borrowed it from us even though it’s the property of another library. The barcode on the wrapper helps us track the item in our system. We want to be extra careful of another library’s material, so we ask that you hand it to a staff member instead of putting it in the book drop.

What if I obtain a copy elsewhere after I submit an ILL request?

Let us know if you want to cancel your ILL request. Sending materials between libraries costs time and postage. If you make a habit of not picking up material that we order for you, we’ll suspend your ILL privileges.

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