Book Bike

Ever seen a librarian pop a wheelie? Get ready to—the Book Bike is here!

A Bike? With Books?

We are very excited to introduce the Johnston community to the Johnston Public Library on wheels. The JPL Book Bike will allow us to provide library services like:

  • checking out library books
  • returning library books
  • signing up for library cards
  • Internet access via a WiFi hotspot

in locations all around Johnston. There are a couple bike book mobiles in other states, but to our knowledge, this is the first library bike book mobile in Iowa!

Catch Up With the Book Bike

The Book Bike will have a handful of limited stops this summer and fall while we plan for a full roll-out of the service for late spring 2017. The library is currently researching summer camps, child care facilities, neighborhood association parties, concerts and other events and institutions around Johnston. In the coming months, the library will reach out to these groups to gauge their interest in hosting a JPL Book Bike stop.
Interested in hosting a JPL Book Bike stop? Request a stop »