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  • The 49th mystic [eBook]

    The 49th mystic2018

    by Ted Dekker


    Summary: "Some say the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once died with Thomas Hunter many years ago. Still others that the gateway to that greater reality was and is only the stuff of...  more »


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  • Etched in bone [eBook] : a novel of the others

    Etched in bone : a novel of the others2017

    by Anne Bishop


    Summary: "New York Times bestselling author Anne Bishop returns to her world of the Others, as humans struggle to survive in the shadow of shapeshifters and vampires far more powerful than themselves... After...  more »


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  • Death's mistress [eBook] : sister of darkness

    Death's mistress : sister of darkness2017

    by Terry Goodkind


    Summary: "One time lieutenant of the evil Emperor Jagang, known as "Death's Mistress" and the "Slave Queen," the deadly Nicci captured Richard Rahl in order to convince him that the Imperial Order stood for...  more »


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