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  • The never game [eAudio]

    The never game2019

    by Jeffery Deaver


    Summary: Colter Shaw is an itinerate 'reward-seeker, ' traveling the country to help police solve crimes and private citizens locate missing persons. When he learns of a reward for a missing college student...  more »


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  • Diary of a wimpy kid. Double down [eAudio]

    Diary of a wimpy kid. Double down2016

    by Jeff Kinney


    Summary: The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. His mom thinks video games are turning his brain to mush, so she wants her son to put down the controller and explore his creative side. As if that's...  more »


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  • Game over [downloadable audiobook]

    Game over2011

    by James Patterson


    Summary: In Tokyo, fifteen-year-old Daniel X faces two of the most dangerous aliens on the planet, who are plotting to use video games to control children and turn them into an army of doom.


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  • Winner takes all [downloadable audiobook]

    Winner takes all2011

    by Jacqueline Rayner


    Summary: Rose and the Doctor return to present-day Earth, and become intrigued by the latest craze the video game, Death to Mantodeans. Is it as harmless as it seems? And why are so many local people going on holiday and never returning?


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