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  • Zin! zin! zin! a violin [downloadable audiobook]

    Zin! zin! zin! a violin2007

    by Lloyd Moss


    Summary: A lone trombone playing solo is joined by a trumpet in a duet until a French horn makes it a trio, and so on, as ten instruments, one by one, gather together for a joyous musical performance.


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  • May I bring a friend? [eAudio]

    May I bring a friend?2005

    by Beatrice Schenk De Regniers

    Summary: An imaginative boy graciously accepts an invitation from the King and Queen and then invites them to the zoo.


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  • Big words for little people [downloadable audiobook]

    Big words for little people2008

    by Jamie Lee Curtis


    Summary: A big sister teaches her younger siblings some important words, like "responsibility," "perseverance," and "respect."


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  • All the colors of the earth [downloadable audiobook]

    All the colors of the earth1997

    by Sheila Hamanaka

    Summary: Inspired by her own two children's multi-ethnic heritage, Ms. Hamanaka uses soaring text and beautiful art to celebrate the glorious diversity of children laughing, loving and glowing with life.


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