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  • Window


    by Marion Arbona , illustrator


    Summary: In this one-of-a-kind, wordless picture book, a child is making her way home from school, imagining what's behind the windows of the houses and other buildings she passes. And that's where the fun...  more »
  • How to read a book

    How to read a book2019

    by Kwame Alexander


    Summary: Suggests a method of reading that begins with planting oneself beneath a tree and leads to a book party one hopes will never end.
  • Unplugged


    by Steve Antony , illustrator


    Summary: Blip is always plugged into her computer--until one day a blackout forces her outdoors, and she discovers that the real world is a lot more interesting then she realized.
  • Push button

    Push button2010

    by Aliki illustrator


    Summary: A little boy who loves pushing buttons of all kinds ends up with such a sore finger that he must play with other things.
  • Close your eyes

    Close your eyes2002

    by Kate Banks

    Summary: A mother tiger entices her child to sleep by telling of all that can be seen with one's eyes closed.
  • Oliver and his egg

    Oliver and his egg2014

    by Paul Schmid , illustrator


    Summary: When Oliver finds an egg, he imagines the amazing adventures they will have together.
  • My grandma's a ninja

    My grandma's a ninja2015

    by Todd Tarpley


    Summary: When Ethan's grandma suggests they take a zip line to school, Ethan realizes that his grandma is a little different. In fact, she's a ninja! Ethan is soon the hit of the school when his grandma drops...  more »
  • Surf's up

    Surf's up2016

    by Kwame Alexander


    Summary: Surf's up! Not yet, Dude! Books are boring! Not this one! Bro and Dude have very different ideas about how to spend the day at the beach. But as Bro continues to gasp and cheer as he reads his book...  more »
  • Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs

    Captain Flinn and the pirate dinosaurs2005

    by Giles Andreae


    Summary: When Flinn enters the classroom art closet for supplies, his imagination sends him on a high-seas adventure filled with pirates, dinosaurs, mystery, and sword fights.
  • Rumble grumble...hush

    Rumble grumble...hush2018

    by Kate Banks


    Summary: Illustrations and simple, rhyming text follow a little boy through a day of imaginative play with various toys, followed by a quiet time of books and crayons as bedtime nears.
  • Follow that frog

    Follow that frog2021

    by Philip Christian Stead


    Summary: Eccentric Aunt Josephine poignantly ignores a stranger knocking at her door as she tells her niece Sadie the story of her time in the jungles of Peru, cataloging amphibians for the scientific team of...  more »
  • Green Wilma

    Green Wilma1993

    by Tedd Arnold


    Summary: Waking up with a frog-like appearance, Wilma proves disruptive at school as she searches for some tasty flies.
  • Roar of a snore

    Roar of a snore2006

    by Marsha Diane Arnold


    Summary: Disturbed by a deafening snore, Jack wakes up the family and animals one by one in search of the noisy culprit.
  • Dreaming up : a celebration of building

    Dreaming up : a celebration of building2012

    by Christy Hale

    Summary: A collection of concrete poetry, illustrations, and photographs that shows how young children's constructions, created as they play, are reflected in notable works of architecture from around the...  more »
  • Rain!


    by Linda Ashman


    Summary: As an old man grumbles his way through a rainy morning, spreading gloom, his neighbor, a young child, spreads cheer while hopping through puddles in frog-themed rainwear.
  • Lion lessons

    Lion lessons2016

    by Jon Agee , illustrator


    Summary: Learning to be a lion takes some serious lessons, but luckily, this kid has a teacher who is a real pro.
  • Life on Mars

    Life on Mars2017

    by Jon Agee , illustrator


    Summary: "A young astronaut is trying to find life on Mars, but he's made a very big oversight." -- Provided by publisher
  • The wall in the middle of the book

    The wall in the middle of the book2018

    by Jon Agee , illustrator


    Summary: A knight who feels secure on his side of the wall that divides his book discovers that his side is not as safe as he thought, and the other side is not as threatening.
  • The dress and the girl

    The dress and the girl2018

    by Camille Andros


    Summary: A little girl and her favorite dress have extraordinary adventures together, but when the girl emigrates from Greece to the United States they are separated, and the dress travels the world searching for her.
  • Gladys goes out to lunch

    Gladys goes out to lunch2005

    by Derek Anderson


    Summary: Gladys the gorilla is tired of eating nothing but bananas, until the day she smells something wonderful that lures her from the zoo in search of a new treat. Includes a recipe for banana bread.
  • Dougal's deep-sea diary

    Dougal's deep-sea diary2005

    by Simon Bartram


    Summary: Dougal's day job is pretty boring, but luckily he's got a real interesting hobby -- deep-sea diving! Dougal doesn't usually find anything exciting on his dives (though he has seen over 100 different...  more »
  • Rub-a-dub sub

    Rub-a-dub sub2003

    by Linda Ashman


    Summary: A young boy meets many friendly sea animals as he travels underwater in his bright orange submarine.
  • Super Duck

    Super Duck2009

    by Jez Alborough , illustrator

    Series: Duck Books (Jez Alborough)


    Summary: Rhyming text tells of Duck and his long-suffering friends, Frog, Sheep and Goat, who attempt to fly a kite, resulting in chaos when Frog is pulled into the sky as the kite files away and Duck jumps to rescue him.
  • Billy Bloo is stuck in goo

    Billy Bloo is stuck in goo2017

    by Jennifer Hamburg


    Summary: Told in rhyme, a parade of characters tries to help Billy Bloo free himself from the goo, but only manages to get trapped in the goo instead.
  • Blanket : journey to extreme coziness

    Blanket : journey to extreme coziness2021

    by Loryn Brantz


    Summary: Behold, the powers of your blanket are real. Discover the power of your blanket. Readers will learn how to make their own snuggly, cuddly cocoon and all the things you can do when you feel safe and...  more »
  • Happy dreams, Little Bunny

    Happy dreams, Little Bunny2021

    by Leah Hong , illustrator


    Summary: Little Bunny can't sleep! There's so much to think and wonder about, big and small. But with a nudge from Mommy, Little Bunny discovers that sometimes our thoughts can be turned into happy dreams where anything is possible.
  • Max's castle

    Max's castle2011

    by Kate Banks

    Series: Max Books (Kate Banks)


    Summary: When Max finds a box of long-forgotten toys, he builds a kingdom filled with adventures for himself and his two brothers.
  • Sam & Dave dig a hole

    Sam & Dave dig a hole2014

    by Mac Barnett


    Summary: Sam and Dave are on a mission. A mission to find something spectacular. So they dig a hole. And they keep digging. And they find nothing. Yet the day turns out to be pretty spectacular after all....  more »
  • The rock from the sky

    The rock from the sky2021

    by Jon Klassen , illustrator


    Summary: There is a spot. It is a good spot. It is the perfect spot to stand. There is no reason to ever leave. But somewhere above there is also a rock. A rock from the sky. Turtle really likes standing in...  more »
  • It looked like spilt milk

    It looked like spilt milk1947

    by Charles Green Shaw


    Summary: Sometimes it looks like a rabbit and sometimes it's different things, but what is it?
  • Yellow ball

    Yellow ball2016

    by Molly Bang


    Summary: During a beach game, a yellow ball is accidentally tossed out to sea, has adventures, and finds a new home.
  • Perfect
    Staff Pick


    by Max Amato , illustrator


    Summary: A fussy eraser tries to keep the pages perfectly clean despite the scribbles of a mischievous pencil.
  • Stick


    by Irene Dickson , illustrator


    Summary: There are SO many things you can do with a stick. You can throw it for your dog, balance with it, float it down a stream, draw pictures in the sand and it will even help you make new friends! All it...  more »
  • Have you seen Elephant?

    Have you seen Elephant?2016

    by David Barrow , illustrator


    Summary: Elephant wants to play hide and seek. See if you can help the others find him. He's very good!
  • Explorers of the wild

    Explorers of the wild2016

    by Cale Atkinson , illustrator


    Summary: "A bear and a boy who both love exploring learn to share their adventures together." -- Provided by publisher
  • Just because

    Just because2019

    by Mac Barnett


    Summary: When a child is too full of questions about the world to go to sleep, her patient father offers up increasingly creative responses to his child's nighttime wonderings.
  • The magic word

    The magic word2016

    by Mac Barnett


    Summary: Paxton discovers that by saying the word "alakazoomba," he can magically get whatever he pleases.
  • The lonely giant

    The lonely giant2016

    by Sophie Ambrose , illustrator


    Summary: A modern fable, The Lonely Giant is a story of conserving the environment, friendship and freedom. The forest giant likes nothing better than smashing, bashing and pulling up trees. But when all the...  more »
  • I love you like a pig

    I love you like a pig2017

    by Mac Barnett


    Summary: I like you like a tree. You're funny like a fossil. I love you like a pig. Oink! Oink! Oink! This book is a celebration of the many tender, madcap ways we love one another.
  • What if ...

    What if ...2018

    by Samantha Berger


    Summary: A child who likes to draw and write stories imagines what would happen if there were no pencils, paper, or other tools for being creative.