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  • Are you my mother? [eBook]

    Are you my mother?1960

    by P. D. Eastman , illustrator


    Summary: A little bird asks animals, planes, and boats, "Are you my mother?" until he finds his own mother.


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  • Most loved in all the world [downloadable ebook]

    Most loved in all the world2009

    by Tonya Hegamin


    Summary: Even though Mama is an agent on the Underground Railroad, in order to help others she must remain a slave, but she teaches her daughter the value of freedom through a gift of love and sacrifice.


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  • Puppies and piggies [downloadable ebook]

    Puppies and piggies2008

    by Cynthia Rylant


    Summary: Rhyming text describes what various animals do and what they love, as well as a baby who loves his bed and his mother.


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  • Katy no tiene bolsa [downloadable ebook]

    Katy no tiene bolsa1999

    by Emmy Payne


    Summary: Katy estaba triste porque no tenía bolsa donde cargar a su hijo, Fredy.


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  • Bittersweet summer [downloadable ebook]

    Bittersweet summer2012

    by Anne Warren Smith


    Summary: Nine-year-old Katie and her four-year-old brother, Tyler, have an emotional summer during which their father considers moving them to Portland and they are surprised by a visit with their mother, a country singer.


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  • Franklin says

    Franklin says "I love you"2002

    by Paulette Bourgeois


    Summary: Franklin agonizes over what to give his mother on her birthday.


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  • My mom is the best circus [downloadable ebook]

    My mom is the best circus2013

    by Luciana Navarro Powell


    Summary: This humorous story celebrates mom as the best one-woman show on earth as she juggles everything that goes on during the day-- she's a ringmaster, a wild beast tamer, a magician, and sometimes a...  more »


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  • Bebe´ goes to the beach [downloadable ebook]

    Bebe´ goes to the beach2008

    by Susan Middleton Elya


    Summary: A baby and his mother spend a day at the beach. Spanish words, interspersed in the rhyming text, are defined in a glossary.


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