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  • Adios, nirvana [downloadable ebook]

    Adios, nirvana2010

    by Conrad Wesselhoeft


    Summary: As Seattle sixteen-year-old Jonathan helps a dying man come to terms with a tragic event he experienced during World War II, Jonathan begins facing his own demons, especially the death of his twin...  more »


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  • Dreamland social club [downloadable ebook]

    Dreamland social club2011

    by Tara Altebrando


    Summary: Jane, her twin brother Marcus, and their father have been on the road since her mother's departure years ago, but when they inherit a house on Coney Island, Jane not only begins to find a home, she learns much about her mother, too.


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  • Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac [eAudio]

    Memoirs of a teenage amnesiac2007

    by Gabrielle Zevin


    Summary: Gabrielle Zevin, author of the bestselling novel Elsewhere, has crafted an imaginative second novel all about love and second chances. If Naomi had picked tails, she would have won the coin toss. She...  more »


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  • Jumped [downloadable ebook]


    by Rita Williams-Garcia


    Summary: The lives of Leticia, Dominique, and Trina are irrevocably intertwined through the course of one day in an urban high school after Leticia overhears Dominique's plans to beat up Trina and must decide whether or not to get involved.


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  • Painting the black [downloadable ebook]

    Painting the black1997

    by Carl Deuker


    Summary: When star athlete Josh Daniels moves in across the street, Remy Ward doesn't realize how much his life will change during his senior year at Seattle's Crown Hill High.


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  • Lemonade Mouth [downloadable ebook]

    Lemonade Mouth2007

    by Mark Peter Hughes


    Summary: A disparate group of high school students thrown together in detention form a band to play at a school talent show and end up competing with a wildly popular local rock band.


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  • My life after now [downloadable ebook]

    My life after now2013

    by Jessica Verdi


    Summary: When she loses a leading role and her leading man to another girl, sixteen-year-old Lucy, a member of the high school drama club, does something completely out of character that has life-altering consequences.


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  • The opposite of invisible [downloadable ebook]

    The opposite of invisible2009

    by Liz Gallagher


    Summary: )Artistic Seattle high school sophomore Alice decides to emerge from her cocoon and date a football player, which causes a rift between her and her best friend, a boy who wants to be more than just friends.


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  • Popular [downloadable ebook]


    by Alissa Grosso


    Summary: Told from their different viewpoints, Fidelity High seniors Olivia, Zelda, Nordica, and Shelly observe their clique, the elite entourage of popular Hamilton Best, crumbling due to lies and secrets, including one that could destroy Hamilton's world.


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  • Diary of a witness [downloadable ebook]

    Diary of a witness2009

    by Catherine Ryan Hyde


    Summary: Ernie, an overweight high school student and long-time target of bullies, relies on his best friend Will to watch his back until Will, overwhelmed by problems at home and guilt over his brother's death, seeks a final solution.


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  • The spectacular now [downloadable ebook]

    The spectacular now2008

    by Tim Tharp


    Summary: In the last months of high school, charismatic eighteen-year-old Sutter Keely lives in the present, staying drunk or high most of the time, but that could change when he starts working to boost the self-confidence of a classmate, Aimee.


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  • Boy proof [downloadable ebook]

    Boy proof2011

    by Cecil Castellucci


    Summary: Feeling alienated from everyone around her, Los Angeles high school senior and cinephile Victoria Jurgen hides behind the identity of a favorite movie character until an interesting new boy arrives...  more »


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  • Undercover [downloadable ebook]


    by Beth Kephart


    Summary: High school sophomore Elisa is used to observing while going unnoticed except when classmates ask her to write love notes for them, but a teacher's recognition of her talent, a "client's" desire for...  more »


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  • Repossessed [downloadable ebook]


    by A. M. Jenkins


    Summary: A fallen angel, tired of being unappreciated while doing his pointless, demeaning job, leaves Hell, enters the body of a seventeen-year-old boy, and tries to experience the full range of human...  more »


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  • The treasure map of boys [downloadable ebook] / Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon--and me, Ruby Oliver

    The treasure map of boys / Noel, Jackson, Finn, Hutch, Gideon--and me, Ruby Oliver2009

    by E Lockhart


    Summary: A Seattle sixteen-year-old juggles therapy, running a school bake sale, coping with her performance artist mother, growing distant from an old friend, and conflicting feelings about her ex-boyfriend and potential new boyfriends.


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  • After [downloadable ebook]


    by Amy Efaw


    Summary: In complete denial that she is pregnant, straight-A student and star athlete Devon Davenport leaves her baby in the trash to die, and after the baby is discovered, Devon is accused of attempted murder.


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  • I am number four [downloadable ebook]

    I am number four2010

    by Pittacus Lore


    Summary: In rural Ohio, friendships and a beautiful girl prove distracting to a fifteen-year-old who has hidden on Earth for ten years waiting to develop the Legacies, or powers, he will need to rejoin the...  more »


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  • Hero type [downloadable ebook]

    Hero type2010

    by Barry Lyga


    Summary: Feeling awkward and ugly is only one reason sixteen-year-old Kevin is uncomfortable with the publicity surrounding his act of accidental heroism, but when a reporter photographs him apparently being...  more »


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  • The Liar Society [downloadable ebook]

    The Liar Society2011

    by Lisa Roecker


    Summary: When Kate receives a mysterious e-mail from her dead friend Grace, she must prove that Grace's death was not an accident, but finds that her elite private school holds secrets so big people are willing to kill to protect them.


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  • Countess nobody [downloadable ebook]

    Countess nobody2011

    by Lynn Kiele Bonasia


    Summary: Fifteen-year-old Sophie, upset to learn that her twin brother Sam is a count but she has no title, writes a blog about an imaginary count's exploits, which becomes so popular that it greatly improves...  more »


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  • All we know of heaven [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    All we know of heaven / a novel2009

    by Jacquelyn Mitchard


    Summary: When Maureen and Bridget, two sixteen-year-old best friends who look like sisters, are in a terrible car accident and one of them dies, they are at first incorrectly identified at the hospital, and...  more »


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  • M or F? [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    M or F? / a novel2005

    by Lisa Papademetriou


    Summary: Gay teen Marcus helps his friend Frannie chat up her crush online, but then becomes convinced that the crush is falling for him instead.


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  • Insomnia  [downloadable ebook]


    by J. R Johansson


    Summary: Sixteen-year-old Parker Chipp spends his nights experiencing other people's dreams and getting no rest, so when he discovers that new friend Mia's dreams are different he becomes fixated on her until...  more »


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  • My life and death, by Alexandra Canarsie [downloadable ebook]

    My life and death, by Alexandra Canarsie2001

    by Susan Heyboer O'Keefe


    Summary: Escaping school and family problems in a cemetery, fifteen-year-old Allie begins attending strangers' funerals, which leads to her first real friendship and a mystery that she believes only she can solve.


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  • The Reece Malcolm list [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    The Reece Malcolm list / a novel2013

    by Amy Spalding


    Summary: Things I know about Reece Malcolm:1. She graduated from New York University. 2. She lives in or near Los Angeles. 3. Since her first novel was released, she's been on the New York Times bestseller...  more »


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  • Kiss me kill me [downloadable ebook]

    Kiss me kill me2008

    by Lauren Henderson


    Summary: Longing to be part of the in-crowd at her exclusive London school, orphaned, sixteen-year-old Scarlett, a trained gymnast, eagerly accepts an invitation to a party whose disastrous outcome changes her life forever.


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  • Stoner & Spaz [downloadable ebook]

    Stoner & Spaz2011

    by Ronald Koertge


    Summary: For sixteen-year-old Ben Bancroft - a kid with cerebral palsy, no parents, and an overprotective grandmother - the closest thing to happiness is hunkering alone in the back of the Rialto Theatre...  more »


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  • The Paladin prophecy [downloadable audiobook]

    The Paladin prophecy2012

    by Mark Frost


    Summary: Will West is careful to live life under the radar. At his parents' insistence, he's made sure to get mediocre grades and to stay in the middle of the pack on his cross-country team. Then Will slips...  more »


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  • Mia the melodramatic [downloadable ebook]

    Mia the melodramatic2008

    by Eileen Boggess


    Summary: Mia is fifteen and during her summer vacation she starts working at a children's playhouse, meets new people (including Eric, who she knew once long ago when he was not so interesting) and continues sibling warfare with her younger brother Chris.


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  • Radha & Jai's recipe for romance

    Radha & Jai's recipe for romance2021

    by Nisha Sharma


    Summary: Radha is on the verge of becoming one of the greatest Kathak dancers in the world -- until she discovers a family betrayal and pulls out of the biggest competition of her career. Now she has left her...  more »


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  • The Carrie diaries [downloadable ebook]

    The Carrie diaries2010

    by Candace Bushnell


    Summary: Tells the story of Manhattan columnist Carrie Bradshaw's high school years, her relationships with her peers, and how she became a writer.


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  • Miracle Wimp [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    Miracle Wimp / a novel2009

    by Erik Kraft


    Summary: Presents episodes from the high school life of Tom Mayo, a wisecracking misfit, who is trying to navigate his way through Wood Shop, dating, driving, and class tormentors.


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  • High heat [downloadable ebook]

    High heat2003

    by Carl Deuker


    Summary: When sophomore Shane Hunter's father is arrested for money laundering at his Lexus dealership, the star pitcher's life of affluence and private school begins to fall apart.


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  • Jump [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    Jump / a novel2010

    by Ginger Rue


    Summary: A bullying, narcissistic high school junior discovers the transforming power of compassion when she literally "walks in someone else's shoes."


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  • Fat Cat [downloadable ebook]

    Fat Cat2009

    by Robin Brande


    Summary: Overweight teenager Catherine embarks on a high school science project in which she must emulate the ways of hominins, the earliest ancestors of human beings, by eating an all-natural diet and foregoing technology.


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  • Almost perfect [downloadable ebook]

    Almost perfect2009

    by Brian Katcher


    Summary: With his mother working long hours and in pain from a romantic break-up, eighteen-year-old Logan feels alone and unloved until a zany new student arrives at his small-town Missouri high school, keeping a big secret.


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  • Wish you were dead [downloadable ebook]

    Wish you were dead2009

    by Todd Strasser


    Summary: Madison, a senior at a suburban New York high school, tries to uncover who is responsible for the disappearance of her friends, popular students mentioned in the posts of an anonymous blogger, while...  more »


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  • The body finder [downloadable ebook]

    The body finder2010

    by Kimberly Derting


    Summary: High school junior Violet uses her uncanny ability to sense murderers and their victims to try to stop a serial killer who is terrorizing her town, and although her best friend and would-be boyfriend...  more »


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  • Eleventh grade burns [downloadable ebook]

    Eleventh grade burns2010

    by Heather Brewer


    Summary: Another year at Bathory High goes bad for Vlad Tod when his former friend Joss, now a vampire slayer, returns to town, a mysterious and powerful new vampire, Dorian, arrives with a thirst for Vlad's...  more »


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  • Payback time [downloadable ebook]

    Payback time2010

    by Carl Deuker


    Summary: Overweight, somewhat timid Mitch reluctantly agrees to be the sports reporter for the Lincoln High newspaper because he is determined to be a writer, but he senses a real story in Angel, a talented...  more »


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