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  • Punishment : Earth

    Punishment : Earth2010

    by R. A Montgomery


    Summary: You are a brave alien who lives on a planet of wise, technologically-advanced beings. There's just one problem: you are the only member of your generation. Lately, it seems like no matter what you do...  more »


    Call #: J F CHOOSE

    Location: Junior Fiction

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  • 2012 [Blu-ray]


    Summary: A geophysical team, who are investigating the effect radiation from other solar systems has on the Earth, learn that the core of the Earth is heating up and warn the President of the United States....  more »



    Location: Blu-rays Action/Adventure

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  • If you come to Earth

    If you come to Earth2020

    by Sophie Blackall , illustrator


    Summary: In this picture book, a boy writes a letter to an imagined alien, explaining all the things he will need to know about Earth and the people who live here -- and adding a postscript asking what the alien might look like.


    Call #: E BLACKALL

    Location: Picture Books

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  • This pretty planet

    This pretty planet2020

    by Tom Chapin


    Summary: Provides lyrics and, on the end papers, sheet music to a song about the pretty planet that spins through space, keeping us safe night and day.


    Call #: E CHAPIN

    Location: Picture Books

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  • My friend Earth

    My friend Earth2020

    by Patricia MacLachlan


    Summary: Die-cut pages invite reader to explore how Earth is a friend to all creatures, watching over us as the year cycles through the seasons.


    Call #: E MACLACHLAN

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Stranger in a strange land

    Stranger in a strange land1991

    by Robert A. Heinlein


    Summary: A young man from Mars comes to Earth & must learn our strange ways. Annotation. One of the greatest science fiction novels ever published, Stranger in a Strange Land's original manuscript had 50,000...  more »


    Call #: F HEINLEIN

    Location: Adult Fiction

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  • Seveneves : [a novel]

    Seveneves :2015

    by Neal Stephenson


    Summary: Five thousand years later after a catastrophic event rendered the Earth a ticking time bomb, the progeny of a handful of outer space explorers--seven distinct races now three billion strong--embark...  more »


    Call #: F STEPHENSON

    Location: Adult Fiction

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  • Pi in the sky

    Pi in the sky2013

    by Wendy Mass


    Summary: Joss, the seventh son of the Supreme Overlord of the Universe, must team up with a human girl to re-create Earth, when the planet is accidentally erased from existence.


    Call #: J F MASS

    Location: Junior Fiction

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  • The amazing planet Earth

    The amazing planet Earth2017

    by Scott Emmons


    Summary: "The StoryBots want to tell you about their favorite planet. Which one is it? Earth, of course." -- Page 4 of cover



    Location: Junior Readers Blue

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  • Where is the sun?

    Where is the sun?2019

    by Eric Carle , illustrator


    Summary: "Where is the sun? Beginning readers will love learning to read and love learning about the sun's position in the sky, and the opposites between night and day." -- Provided by publisher



    Location: Junior Readers Yellow

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