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  • The sweet life in Paris [downloadable audiobook] / delicious adventures in the world's most glorious--and perplexing--city

    The sweet life in Paris / delicious adventures in the world's most glorious--and perplexing--city2012

    by David Lebovitz


    Summary: An American pastry chef living in Paris shares his deliciously funny, off-beat, and irreverent look at the City of Lights.


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  • With the fire on high [eAudio]

    With the fire on high2019

    by Elizabeth Acevedo


    Summary: Teen mother Emoni Santiago struggles with the challenges of finishing high school and her dream of working as a chef.


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  • Dark tort [downloadable audiobook]

    Dark tort2006

    by Diane Mott Davidson


    Summary: While searching for the killer of her friend Dusty, Goldy finds herself knee-deep in suspects; one of whom is very dangerous and liable to cook Goldy's goose.


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  • God save the Sweet Potato Queens [downloadable audiobook]

    God save the Sweet Potato Queens2003

    by Jill Conner Browne

    Summary: In the hilarious sequel to The Sweet Potato Queens' book of love, these Southern belles-gone-bad return to dish the dirt on love and style. Get ready for more words of wisdom on big hair, dating, and...  more »


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  • A taste for murder [downloadable audiobook]

    A taste for murder2012

    by Claudia Bishop

    Summary: This is the first book in a delightful series featuring two sleuthing sisters.Hemlock Falls is a pretty little town in upstate New York. Sarah Quilliam, with her talent for business, runs the Inn at...  more »


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  • Skinny bitch [downloadable audiobook] / Skinny bitch in the kitch

    Skinny bitch / Skinny bitch in the kitch2009

    by Rory Freedman

    Summary: The authors share recipes and dieting tips.


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  • Hidden kitchens [downloadable audiobook] / stories and more from NPR's The Kitchen Sisters

    Hidden kitchens / stories and more from NPR's The Kitchen Sisters2005

    by Kitchen Sisters

    Summary: Presents a collection of small kitchen stories first heard on NPR's Morning Edition. They explore the world of street-corner cooking, kitchen rituals, visionaries, and how communities come together through food.


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  • Dearie [downloadable audiobook] / the remarkable life of Julia Child

    Dearie / the remarkable life of Julia Child2012

    by Bob Spitz

    Summary: From Pasadena to Cambridge to New York, Washington, D.C., India, Ceylon, Paris, Marseilles, Santa Barbara, and Maine, Bob Spitz re-creates an extraordinary life. He takes us beyond the image of Julia...  more »


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  • Every day in Tuscany [downloadable audiobook] / seasons of an Italian life

    Every day in Tuscany / seasons of an Italian life2010

    by Frances Mayes


    Summary: In this sequel to her "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Bella Tuscany," the author chronicles her two decades-long love affair with Tuscany's people, art, cuisine, and lifestyle.


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  • Eating on the wild side [downloadable audiobook] / the missing link to optimum health

    Eating on the wild side / the missing link to optimum health2013

    by Jo Robinson



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  • Pandora's lunchbox [downloadable audiobook] / how processed food took over the American meal

    Pandora's lunchbox / how processed food took over the American meal2013

    by Melanie Warner

    Summary: If a piece of individually wrapped cheese retains its shape, color, and texture for years, what does it say about the food we eat and feed our children? Former New York Times reporter and mother...  more »


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