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  • My big dog

    My big dog1999

    by Janet Stevens


    Summary: Merl the cat has a perfect home until the arrival of a puppy.
  • Cross-country cat

    Cross-country cat1979

    by Mary Calhoun

    Series: Henry The Cat


    Summary: When he becomes lost in the mountains, a cat with the unusual ability of walking on two legs finds his way home on cross-country skis.
  • Lester's dog

    Lester's dog1993

    by Karen Hesse


    Summary: A boy overcomes his fear of Lester's fierce dog when he has to protect an abandoned kitten.
  • Mama cat has three kittens

    Mama cat has three kittens1998

    by Denise Fleming


    Summary: While two kittens copy everything their mother does, their brother naps.
  • Spy cat

    Spy cat2003

    by Peg Kehret

    Series: Pete the Cat


    Summary: A series of burglaries in their quiet community upsets Alex's family, particularly his younger brother Benjie, but the bad guys are no match for the very protective family cat and Benjie's "spy" skills.


    Call #: J F KEHRET

    Location: Junior Fiction

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  • Opera cat

    Opera cat2002

    by Tess Weaver


    Summary: When the opera diva Madame SoSo gets laryngitis, her singing cat Alma fills in for her.


    Call #: E WEAVER

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Dolores on her toes

    Dolores on her toes2003

    by Barbara Samuels

    Series: Dolores Series


    Summary: When her cat disappears just before Tutu Day, Dolores, with the help of her sister, realizes that Duncan does not want to be a ballerina.


    Call #: E SAMUELS

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Moonlight : the Halloween cat

    Moonlight : the Halloween cat2003

    by Cynthia Rylant


    Summary: Moonlight the cat loves everything about Halloween, from pumpkins to children to candy.


    Call #: E RYLANT

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Skippyjon Jones

    Skippyjon Jones2003

    by Judith Byron Schachner

    Series: Skippyjon Jones (Board Books)


    Summary: Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese cat with an overactive imagination who would rather be El Skippito, his Zorro-like alter ego.


    Call #: E SCHACHNER

    Location: Picture Books

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  • There's a dragon downstairs

    There's a dragon downstairs2005

    by Hilary McKay


    Summary: Although she is afraid, Sophie is determined to confront the dragon that she thinks she hears downstairs at night.
  • The best cat in the world

    The best cat in the world2004

    by Leslea Newman


    Summary: A young boy deals with the loss of his beloved cat Charlie, eventually accepting the arrival of another, very different cat.
  • A pipkin of pepper

    A pipkin of pepper2005

    by Helen Cooper


    Summary: While making pumpkin soup, three friends discover they have no salt and go to the city to buy some, but while Cat and Squirrel head straight to the salt store, Duck pauses at a pepper shop, then fears he will never see his friends again.


    Call #: E COOPER

    Location: Picture Books

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  • The cricket in Times Square [Playaway]

    The cricket in Times Square2006

    by George Selden

    Series: Chester Cricket

    Summary: The adventures of a country cricket who unintentionally arrives in New York and is befriended by Tucker Mouse and Harry Cat.



    Location: Junior Playaways

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  • The return of the killer cat

    The return of the killer cat2007

    by Anne Fine


    Summary: Tuffy the pet cat narrates his escapades as he attempts to escape his family's cat-sitter and suffers through a humiliating episode of mistaken identity.
  • Cat jumped in!

    Cat jumped in!2007

    by Tess Weaver


    Summary: An inquisitive feline walks through the rooms of a house, jumping into one mess after another, before landing in the loving arms of its owner.


    Call #: E WEAVER

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Delicious


    by Helen Cooper


    Summary: Unable to find a suitable pumpkin to use for soup, Cat and Squirrel attempt to make other versions for Duck, their fussy friend, but it's only when they find a way to make the dish orange that Duck agrees it's the best soup he ever tasted.


    Call #: E COOPER

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Pirates of Underwhere

    Pirates of Underwhere2008

    by Bruce Hale

    Series: Underwhere Series


    Summary: Twins Stephanie and Zeke, their friend Hector, and cats Fitz and Meathead once again venture into the world of Underwhere, this time looking for the missing Brush of Wisdom, a magical item that looks suspiciously like a jewelled toilet brush.
  • Whittington [downloadable audiobook]


    by Alan W Armstrong


    Summary: This is the story of a roughneck tom cat, Whittington, who arrives at a New England barn full of rescued animals during the year's first big snowstorm. The animals are bored, so Whittington begins...  more »


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  • Wabi Sabi

    Wabi Sabi2008

    by Mark Reibstein


    Summary: Wabi Sabi, a cat living in the city of Kyoto, learns about the Japanese concept of beauty through simplicity as she asks various animals she meets about the meaning of her name.


    Call #: E REIBSTEIN

    Location: Picture Books

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  • If you give a cat a cupcake

    If you give a cat a cupcake2008

    by Laura Joffe Numeroff

    Series: If You Give-- (Laura Numeroff)


    Summary: A series of increasingly far-fetched events might occur if someone were to give a cupcake to a cat.


    Call #: E NUMEROFF

    Location: Picture Books

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Knitty Kitty

    Knitty Kitty2008

    by David Elliott


    Summary: Knitty Kitty is knitting a scarf, a hat, and some mittens for her kittens, but when night falls and the snow comes down, the kittens request a blanket to keep them warm Knitty Kitty has a better idea.


    Call #: E ELLIOTT

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Twilight [downloadable audiobook]


    by Erin Hunter


    Summary: Before there is peace, blood will spill blood ... New territory brings new troubles for the fierce cats of the warrior Clans, who are still uncovering the secrets of their new home around the lake....  more »


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  • The Chinese Siamese cat [downloadable audiobook]

    The Chinese Siamese cat2006

    by Amy Tan


    Summary: Amy Tan's light, airy voice includes the listener as if sharing a bedtime story. The naughty white kitten, Sagwa, comes from a long line of royal Chinese cats. Her mischief changes the spirit of the...  more »


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  • The Bunnicula collection. [downloadable audiobook] / Books 4-5

    The Bunnicula collection. / Books 4-52008

    by James Howe


    Summary: Nightly nightmare: When scary strangers appear at the Monroes' overnight campsite, Chester the cat tries to convince the family's two dogs that foul play is intended.


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  • Boo to you!

    Boo to you!2009

    by Lois Ehlert


    Summary: When the neighborhood cat tries to crash the mice's harvest party, the mice have a plan to scare the intruder away.


    Call #: E EHLERT

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Big cat, small cat

    Big cat, small cat2008

    by Ami Rubinger


    Summary: Illustrations of cats along with rhyming couplets about them require the reader to fill in words demonstrating opposites, like tall and short, nice and mean, young and old.
  • Starlight [downloadable audiobook]


    by Erin Hunter


    Summary: The warrior cat Clans arrive at their new home and set about exploring and fighting over the unfamiliar territory.


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  • Poor Puppy

    Poor Puppy2007

    by Nick Bruel

    Series: Bad Kitty (Picture Books)


    Summary: When Bad Kitty won't play with him, Poor Puppy has to amuse himself with an alphabetical list of toys and dreams of playing in an alphabetical list of countries.


    Call #: E BRUEL

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Here comes the big, mean dust bunny!

    Here comes the big, mean dust bunny!2009

    by Jan Thomas


    Summary: Dust bunnies who enjoy rhyming games and a boisterous cat who likes to chase and grab learn how to play together.


    Call #: E THOMAS

    Location: Picture Books

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  • The underneath [downloadable audiobook]

    The underneath2008

    by Kathi Appelt


    Summary: From the Publisher: There is nothing lonelier than a cat who has been loved, at least for a while, and then abandoned on the side of the road. A calico cat, about to have kittens, hears the lonely...  more »


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  • Pumpkin soup [book + CD]

    Pumpkin soup2009

    by Helen Cooper (read by Kathleen McInerney)


    Summary: The Cat and the Squirrel come to blows with the Duck in arguing about who will perform what duty in preparing their pumpkin soup, and they almost lose the Duck's friendship when he decides to leave them.

    Call #: J BOOK+CD COO

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  • Snow in Jerusalem

    Snow in Jerusalem2001

    by Deborah da Costa


    Summary: Although they live in different quarters of Jerusalem, a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy are surprised to discover they have been caring for the same stray cat.
  • Fading echoes [downloadable audiobook]

    Fading echoes2010

    by Erin Hunter


    Summary: Dovepaw now knows that she is the third cat prophesied to hold the power of the stars in her paws, and she, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze begin to work together to unravel the mystery of the ancient...  more »


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  • Scaredy-cat, Splat!

    Scaredy-cat, Splat!2010

    by Rob Scotton

    Series: Splat The Cat (Rob Scotton)


    Summary: Splat the cat accidently succeeds in being the scariest cat in the class for Halloween.


    Call #: E SCOTTON

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Trick or treat, Calico! : a lift-the-flap book

    Trick or treat, Calico! : a lift-the-flap book2009

    by Karma Wilson


    Summary: It's Halloween night. While everyone is trick-or-treating, no one can find Calico. Lift the flaps to find out where she's hiding.


    Call #: BB WIL

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  • Pete the cat : rocking in my school shoes

    Pete the cat : rocking in my school shoes2011

    by Eric Litwin

    Series: Pete The Cat Picture Books (James Dean)


    Summary: Pete the cat wears his school shoes when visiting the library, the lunchroom, the playground, and more while singing his special song.


    Call #: E PETE

    Location: Picture Books

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  • Young Fredle [downloadable ebook]

    Young Fredle2011

    by Cynthia Voigt


    Summary: Fredle, a young mouse cast out of his home, faces dangers and predators outside, makes some important discoveries and allies, and learns the meaning of freedom as he struggles to return home.


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  • The fourth apprentice [downloadable audiobook]

    The fourth apprentice2009

    by Erin Hunter


    Summary: After the sharp-eyed jay and the roaring lion, peace will come ... Four warrior Clans have shared the land around the lake as equals for many moons. But a prophecy foretells that three ThunderClan...  more »


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  • Sammy Keyes and the psycho Kitty Queen [downloadable ebook]

    Sammy Keyes and the psycho Kitty Queen2004

    by Wendelin Van Draanen


    Summary: When cats begin to mysteriously disappear in Santa Martina, thirteen-year-old friends Sammy and Holly start snooping around town to find out what is happening.


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  • Whittington [downloadable ebook]


    by Alan W Armstrong


    Summary: Whittington, a feline descendant of Dick Whittington's famous cat of English folklore, appears at a rundown barnyard plagued by rats and restores harmony while telling his ancestor's story.


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