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  • Junie B. Jones has a monster under her bed [downloadable ebook]

    Junie B. Jones has a monster under her bed1997

    by Barbara Park


    Summary: After hearing from a classmate at kindergarten that people have monsters under their beds, Junie B. Jones is afraid to go to sleep that night.


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  • Lights out [downloadable ebook]

    Lights out2005

    by Arthur Geisert


    Summary: Told by his parents that his light must be out at eight o'clock, a young piglet who is afraid of the dark devises an ingenious solution to the problem.


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  • Bears in the night [downloadable ebook]

    Bears in the night2002

    by Stan Berenstain


    Summary: "Seven bears sneak out of bed, through the window, and across the dark countryside to investigate the source of a noise."


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  • Five little monkeys play hide-and-seek [downloadable ebook]

    Five little monkeys play hide-and-seek2010

    by Eileen Christelow


    Summary: The five little monkeys try to avoid going to bed by playing hide and seek with the babysitter.


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  • Sweet dreams lullaby [downloadable ebook]

    Sweet dreams lullaby2010

    by Betsy E Snyder


    Summary: A young bunny goes to sleep and dreams of the soothing colors, shapes, sights, and sounds of nature.


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  • Tiger vs. nightmare [eBook]

    Tiger vs. nightmare2018

    by Emily Tetri , illustrator


    Summary: "Tiger is a very lucky kid: she has a monster living under her bed. Every night, Tiger and Monster play games until it's time for lights out. Of course, Monster would never try to scare Tiger--that's...  more »


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  • Click, clack, good night [eBook]

    Click, clack, good night2020

    by Doreen Cronin


    Summary: Farmer Brown puts the other animals to bed but gives up on Duck, who sets out to find just the right spot -- and snack -- to help him sleep.


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  • Little Hoot [downloadable ebook]

    Little Hoot2008

    by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


    Summary: Little Hoot wants to go to bed early, like all of his friends do, and he is hopping mad when Mama and Papa Owl insist that he stay up late and play.


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  • Where is Bear? [eBook]

    Where is Bear?2017

    by Jonathan Bentley , illustrator

    Summary: "A little boy and his best friend-- an actual bear-- go on a search for a teddy bear before bedtime." -- Provided by publisher


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  • Go sleep in your own bed! [eBook]

    Go sleep in your own bed!2017

    by Candace Fleming

    Summary: When Pig plops into his sty at bedtime, he finds Cow sleeping there and must send her off to her stall, setting off a chain reaction of animals being awakened to move to their own beds.


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  • Bedtime bunnies [downloadable ebook]

    Bedtime bunnies2010

    by Wendy Watson


    Summary: Bunnies scamper, scurry, splash, zip, and snuggle as they get ready for bed.


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  • Farmyard beat [eBook]

    Farmyard beat2011

    by Lindsey Craig


    Summary: The sounds of the farm animals create a lively beat that keep Farmer Sue, the chicks, sheep, and other farm animals awake.


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  • Rocket writes a story [downloadable ebook]

    Rocket writes a story2012

    by Tad Hills


    Summary: "Rocket writes a story about a new friend, the owl"--Provided by publisher.


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  • The Goodnight Train [downloadable ebook]

    The Goodnight Train2006

    by June Sobel


    Summary: A child's bedtime ritual follows the imaginary journey of a goodnight train's trip to the dreamland station.


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