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  • Against the fire [downloadable ebook]

    Against the fire2011

    by Kat Martin


    Summary: "You can't fight what you can't see. And Gabriel Raines can't be sure just who's setting the fires in his new real-estate development. When two fires hit back-to-back, he knows it's personal, but any...  more »


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  • Afterwards [downloadable ebook] / a novel

    Afterwards / a novel2012

    by Rosamund Lupton


    Summary: In the aftermath of the devastating fire which tears her family apart, Grace embarks on a mission to find the person responsible and protect her children from further harm. This fire was not an...  more »


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  • Pyro [downloadable ebook]


    by Monique Polak



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  • Meant to be immortal [eBook]

    Meant to be immortal2021

    by Lynsay Sands


    Summary: Mac Argeneau knows all too well: immortals can be killed. Not with holy water or silver crosses, but by decapitation or being set on fire. So when Mac's house bursts into flames -- with him inside --...  more »


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  • 7th heaven [eBook]

    7th heaven2008

    by James Patterson


    Summary: "A terrible fire in a wealthy suburban home leaves a married couple dead and Detective Lindsay Boxer and her partner Rich Conklin searching for clues. And after California's golden boy, Michael...  more »


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  • Blue smoke [downloadable ebook]

    Blue smoke2006

    by Nora Roberts


    Summary: Pursuing a career as an arson investigator after a fire destroys her family's pizzeria, Reena Hale embarks on a relationship with Bo Goodnight and finds herself targeted by an arsonist who taunts her with threatening phone calls.


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