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  • Splendor in the grass [DVD]

    Splendor in the grass2009

    Summary: Deanie is a beautiful and sensitive teenager who would do whatever her mother and her 1928 Kansas hometown find proper. Her boyfriend, Bud, has intense desires for Deanie and the two are very much in...  more »



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  • 2001, a space odyssey [Blu-ray]

    2001, a space odyssey2007

    Summary: At the Dawn of Man, a group of hominids encounters a mysterious black monolith that is alien to their surroundings. A hominid discovers the first weapon, using a bone to kill prey. The bone is tossed...  more »


    Call #: BLU SCI FIC TWO

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  • 2001 [DVD] : a space odyssey

    2001 : a space odyssey2007

    Summary: A space voyage to Jupiter erupts in disaster when the ship's computer goes mad.


    Call #: DVD SCI FIC TWO

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