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  • The jolly Regina [Playaway]

    The jolly Regina2017

    by Kara LaReau

    Summary: "Meet Jaundice and Kale Bland, two sisters who avoid excitement at any cost. One day, the Bland sisters are kidnapped by an all-female band of pirates. They're unwillingly swept into a high-seas romp...  more »



    Location: Juvenile Playways

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  • Rabbit & Squirrel ; a tale of war & peas [downloadable ebook]

    Rabbit & Squirrel ; a tale of war & peas2008

    by Kara LaReau


    Summary: Rabbit and Squirrel are neighbors who never even say hello until someone starts damaging their gardens, and then they blame one another and start a fight that continues even after they meet the real culprit.


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  • Rocko and Spanky go to a party [downloadable ebook]

    Rocko and Spanky go to a party2004

    by Kara LaReau


    Summary: Sock monkey siblings Rocko and Spanky spend lots of time preparing to go to the birthday party that they have been invited to attend. Includes instructions on gift-wrapping.


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