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  • NOS4A2 [downloadable audiobook]


    by Joe Hill


    Summary: Victoria McQueen has an uncanny knack for finding things. When she rides her bicycle over the rickety old covered bridge in the woods near her house, she always emerges in the places she needs to be....  more »


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  • The son [downloadable audiobook]

    The son2013

    by Philipp Meyer


    Summary: Comanche Indian captive Eli McCullough must carve a place for himself in a world in which he does not fully belong--a journey of adventure, tragedy, hardship, grit, and luck that reverberates in the lives of his progeny.


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  • Mistaken identity [downloadable audiobook]

    Mistaken identity2004

    by Lisa Scottoline


    Summary: Bennie Rosato, the head of her own law firm, specializes in police misconduct cases. However, nothing can prepare her for a meeting with her new client, Alice Connolly. Accused of murdering her...  more »


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  • Calder pride [downloadable audiobook]

    Calder pride2003

    by Janet Dailey

    Summary: Cat is a Calder through and through: proud, headstrong, intelligent and extremely beautiful. When her fiance is killed, she retreats to the family homestead to mourn, vowing never to give her heart...  more »


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  • Walk two moons [CD book]

    Walk two moons2001

    by Sharon Creech


    Summary: After her mother leaves home suddenly, thirteen-year-old Sal and her grandparents take a car trip retracing her mother's route. Along the way, Sal recounts the story of her friend Phoebe, whose mother also left.


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  • Classic American poetry [downloadable audiobook]

    Classic American poetry2000


    Summary: Here are 65 poems by leading American authors, including Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and E.E. Cummings, as well as famous anonymous works...  more »


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