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  • One for my enemy

    One for my enemy2023

    by Olivie Blake

    Summary: In modern-day Manhattan where we lay our scene, two rival witch families fight to maintain control of their respective criminal empires. On one side of the conflict are the Antonova sisters -- each...  more »


    Call #: F BLAKE

    Location: Adult Fiction

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  • Masters of death

    Masters of death2023

    by Olivie Blake

    Summary: Viola Marek is a struggling real estate agent, and a vampire. But her biggest problem currently is that the house she needs to sell is haunted. The ghost haunting the mansion has been murdered, and...  more »


    Call #: F BLAKE

    Location: New Adult Fiction

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  • The Atlas paradox

    The Atlas paradox2022

    by Olivie Blake

    Series: Atlas - #2


    Summary: As their final year in residency looms, the remaining Society recruits are un-moored. Bargains they thought they understood are not so black-and-white. Alliances that once held steady begin to...  more »
  • The Atlas six

    The Atlas six2020

    by Olivie Blake


    Summary: The Alexandrian Society, caretakers of lost knowledge from the greatest civilizations of antiquity, are the foremost secret society of magical academicians in the world. Those who earn a place among...  more »