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  • The Prince of Egypt  [music CD] : music from the original motion picture soundtrack

    The Prince of Egypt : music from the original motion picture soundtrack1998

  • Fantasia 2000 [music CD]

    Fantasia 20001999

  • William Shakespeare's A Midsummer night's dream [DVD]

    William Shakespeare's A Midsummer night's dream1999

  • Good Will Hunting [DVD]

    Good Will Hunting1997

    Summary: A young working-class genius is hauled back from the brink of self-destruction by a gifted counselor.
  • Disney's Mulan [music CD] : an original Walt Disney Records soundtrack

    Disney's Mulan : an original Walt Disney Records soundtrack1998

  • The Music of Disney [music CD] : a legacy in song

    The Music of Disney : a legacy in song1992

  • The architect : women in contemporary architecture.

    The architect : women in contemporary architecture.2001


  • Gone with the wind [DVD] : Margaret Mitchell's story of the old South

    Gone with the wind : Margaret Mitchell's story of the old South1999

    Summary: Focuses on the life and loves of the beautiful and selfish Scarlett O'Hara. The story begins on the O'Haras' Georgia plantation of Tara in antebellum days and moves through the Civil War and Reconstruction.
  • A knight's tale [DVD]

    A knight's tale2001

    Summary: The rousing story of lowborn Willian Thatcher's quest to change his stars, win the heart of an exceedingly fair maiden and rock his medieval world. Follow this fearless squire and his band of...  more »
  • This old statehouse [DVD]

    This old statehouse2001

    Summary: A documentary on the work and workers that are restoring the Iowa State Capitol. Includes a photo gallery, historical facts, a "For Teachers" section, and 11 featurettes, including "Time Travelers,"...  more »
  • Anne Frank [DVD]

    Anne Frank2001

    Summary: Dramatization of the life and death of Anne Frank.
  • Bandits [DVD]


    Summary: After busting out of jail and on the run, 2 bank robbers devise the perfect crime with imperfect partners. Not wanting to hurt anyone during their robberies, they go to the homes of bank personnel...  more »
  • Training day [DVD]

    Training day2002

    Summary: Jake Hoyt, a fresh-faced rookie in the Los Angeles Police Department, gets a chance to join the elite narcotics squad headed up by 13-year veteran Detective Sergeant Alonzo Harris. Jake is to prove...  more »
  • Kate & Leopold [DVD]

    Kate & Leopold2002

    Summary: Kate and her actor brother live in 21st century New York. Her ex-boyfriend, Stuart, has found a spot near the Brooklyn Bridge where there is a gap in time-- one can return to the 19th century....  more »
  • Floods of '93 [CA book]

    Floods of '931993

    Summary: This cassette tape gives the major broadcasts of WHO radio during the floods of 1993, including the complete interview with President Bill Clinton.
  • A war remembered

    A war remembered1986


  • A Book of Christmas carols

    A Book of Christmas carols1988


  • Emma [DVD]


    Summary: "Emma is the story of a rich, clever and beautiful young woman who can't resist orchestrating other people's love lives. As her romantic plans go ridiculously wrong, however, it's Emma herself who risks missing out on her perfect match!"--Container.
  • The one-minute Bible

    The one-minute Bible1992


  • Almost famous [DVD]

    Almost famous2001

    Summary: It's the opportunity of a lifetime when teenage reporter William Miller lands an assignment from Rolling Stone magazine. Despite the objections of his protective mother, William hits the road with an...  more »
  • Billboard pop memories, the 1920s [music CD]

    Billboard pop memories, the 1920s1994

  • Saving Private Ryan [DVD]

    Saving Private Ryan1999

    Summary: Captain John Miller must take his men behind enemy lines to find Private Ryan, whose three brothers have been killed in combat. Faced with impossible odds, the men question their orders. Why are...  more »
  • The perfect storm [DVD]

    The perfect storm2000

    Summary: The sword-fishing boat Andrea Gail and crews attempting to rescue her struggle against a powerful North Atlantic storm.
  • Handbook on German military forces

    Handbook on German military forces1995


  • Braveheart [DVD]


    Summary: William Wallace is a bold Scotsman who used the steel of his blade and the fire of his intellect to rally his countrymen to liberation.
  • A.I. Artificial intelligence [DVD]

    A.I. Artificial intelligence2002

    Summary: Visions of a future full of astonishing android technology. David, an advanced android, embarks on an extraordinary adventure to discover the secret of his own identity. Believing in the story of Pinocchio, David dreams of becoming a real boy.
  • High noon [DVD]

    High noon2001

    Summary: A retired marshal's wedding is interrupted when he learns a killer he had sent to jail will return to town on the noon train to seek revenge. The townspeople refuse to help him, so he is forced to...  more »
  • American beauty [DVD]

    American beauty2000

    Summary: An emotionally & spiritually comatose suburban man decides "to hell with it all" and reverts to living as he did when he was happiest--as a carefree teenager. His desperately uptight wife and sullen...  more »
  • Now that's what I call music! [music CD]. 10

    Now that's what I call music! . 102002

  • Small house designs : elegant, architect-designed homes, 34 award-winning plans, 1,250 square feet or less

    Small house designs : elegant, architect-designed homes, 34 award-winning plans, 1,250 square feet or less1997


  • Legally blonde [DVD]

    Legally blonde2001

    Summary: When a blonde sorority queen is dumped by her boyfriend, she decides to follow him to law school to get him back and, once there, learns she has more legal savvy than she ever imagined.
  • Polk County press citizen

    Polk County press citizen20uu

  • Spooky stories for a dark & stormy night

    Spooky stories for a dark & stormy night1994


    Summary: A collection of more than fifteen traditional and original scary stories.
  • A treasury of great poems : an inspiring collection of the best-loved, most moving verse in the English language

    A treasury of great poems : an inspiring collection of the best-loved, most moving verse in the English language1993


  • Psycho [DVD]


    Summary: Horror melodrama in which a woman disappears after spending the night in an isolated motel which adjoins an eerie Victorian mansion, inhabited by a disturbed young man and his mother.
  • The fugitive [DVD]

    The fugitive2001

    Summary: A Chicago surgeon falsely convicted of killing his wife is determined to prove his innocence by leading his pursuers to the one-armed man who actually committed the crime.
  • Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

    Shakespeare's Julius Caesar2000


  • A walk to remember [DVD]

    A walk to remember2002

    Summary: Love brings together what peer pressure and lifestyles seek to keep apart. Jamie is a straight-laced preacher's daughter and Landon is an unmotivated delinquent. When events thrust him into her...  more »
  • Romeo and Juliet [DVD]

    Romeo and Juliet2000

    Summary: Presents the Franco Zefferelli production of Shakespeare's tragedy about two teenagers who fall in love, encounter opposition from their families, and take their lives.
  • Spain & Portugal [DVD]

    Spain & Portugal2001