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April Bookmark NBCC Award Recipients

National Book Critics Circle Award Winning Titles

created on 4/21/22

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

We recommend you keep the lights on when you read these scary books for middle schoolers.

created on 10/5/20

Awesome Story Weavers

Award winning and otherwise awesome books for tweens and teens written by authors who really know how to tell a story.

created on 3/12/21


Celebrating 50 years since \'Get Back!\'

created on 1/5/22

Best-Selling Mysteries of 2021

Fifteen of the Most Sought Mystery Novels

created on 1/4/22

Black Stories

Amazing Stories Of Black Leaders And Change Makers

created on 2/3/22

Books Bob Ross Would Love

Groovy, relaxing, positive, and joyful books our favorite lovable landscape artist would love.

created on 2/18/21

Books for Teens Who'd Rather Be Gaming

Try one of these books when you run out of screen time.

created on 9/24/20

Books That Will Keep You Guessing

Masterful mystery books for middle school readers.

created on 10/15/20

Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award

2013 - Present nominees and winners. The purpose of the Bridge to Reading Picture Book Award is to promote early literacy and reading to children through the introduction of quality picture books nominated by a committee of librarians, teachers, preschool and early literacy leaders. The award book will be chosen based on quality and characteristics of a good "read aloud". The award will engage children in the voting process and develop a lifelong love of books and reading.

created on 8/25/17