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Summertime Sadness

Books to Read for a Good Cry

created on 6/19/21

Fresh Fates

The latest in Historical Fiction

created on 6/6/21

May Flowers

Fantastically Floral Folios in Fiction and NonFiction

created on 5/22/21

Compelling Nonfiction

Nonfiction that reads like fiction to tell a true story

created on 5/17/21

Young at Heart

YA books for Adults

created on 5/15/21

YA Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month Picks

A selected list of notable books for young adults by and about Asian Americans.

created on 5/12/21

Vacation Interrupted

Crime, murder, and mayhem never take a holiday.

created on 5/11/21

Award Winners

Shortlisted Titles for the 2021 British Book Awards

created on 5/8/21

Funny Ladies

Memoirs from todays funniest ladies

created on 4/17/21

Finding Faith

Nonfiction for Spiritual Soul Seekers

created on 3/20/21

Animal Instincts

Adult Fiction Featuring Furry and Feathered Friends

created on 3/20/21

Awesome Story Weavers

Award winning and otherwise awesome books for tweens and teens written by authors who really know how to tell a story.

created on 3/12/21