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Library Lists

Lists of books and other materials created by library staff. Also check out our Staff Picks and Award Winners.

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Thank You for Your Service

True Stories of Men and Women in the Military

created on 10/16/18

Back to School

Favorite Campus Films & Fiction

created on 8/23/18

Historical fiction -- middle grades

Good fit for middle school.Variety of time periods.

created on 3/20/18

Mysteries for younger readers

Juvenile fiction, geared toward the early chapter book reader

created on 2/12/18

Holiday Baking

Bring on the sweet stuff!

created on 11/27/17

Big Screen Books

Books being made into movies

created on 11/17/17

Unreliable Narrators and Unlikable People

Psychological fiction you won't soon forget.

created on 10/25/17

Great Group Reads

National Reading Group Month

created on 10/3/17

Healthy Aging

Books on aging well with physical, mental, social, and financial health.

created on 8/25/17

Staff Picks: Erika

Erika's Eclectic Collection

created on 8/25/17

Staff Picks: Rod

Rod's top 21 graphic novels for adults.

created on 8/25/17

School Lunch

Quick, easy and delish food to fuel the kiddos during the school year

created on 8/25/17

Retold Fairytales

Novels & Films that are a New Twist on a Familiar Story

created on 8/25/17


Jazz classics and new fan favorites

created on 8/25/17