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Lists of books and other materials created by library staff. Also check out our Staff Picks and lists of Award Winners.

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Healthy Aging

Books on aging well with physical, mental social and financial health.

We're All in this Together

Stories ranging from fantasy to literary fiction to compelling nonfiction, these titles illuminate hidden figures and reveal compelling new voices across the spectrum of experiences and perspectives.

Staff Picks: Erika

Erika's Eclectic Collection

Staff Picks: Rod

Rod's top 21 graphic novels for adults.

School Lunch

Quick, easy and delish food to fuel the kiddos during the school year

Retold Fairytales

Novels & Films that are a New Twist on a Familiar Story

Fun on a Stick

State Fair & Fair Foods


Jazz classics and new fan favorites

Vacation Reads

Beachy Reads perfect for the sand, the sun, or your living room.

Giddy Up

Books, movies, and music with a western twang.

Out of This World

Books & Movies about Space Travel, the Cosmos, and All Things Extraterrestrial


Mysteries, Detective Stories & Crime Novels

Literary Road Trip

Travel the US through stories: 50 novels, 50 states

There and Back Again

Travel fiction. Audiobooks for the open road. Travelogues.

80/35 Fantastical Music Wonderland

2017 marks the 10th anniversary of this Des Moines live music spectacular.

LGBTQ Book List

A nationwide celebration of the authors and writings that reflect the lives and experiences of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community.

Everyone's read it but me!

Books you've heard about but never picked up. It's time!

A Man Called Ove Read-a-Likes

Books written with themes and characters similar to the popular novel "A Man Called Ove" by Fredrik Backman.