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Books Bob Ross Would Love

Groovy, relaxing, positive, and joyful books our favorite lovable landscape artist would love.

created on 2/18/21

Classic to Graphic

Classic (or soon to be classic) books reimagined as graphic novels for middle and high school readers.

created on 2/10/21

Back to Nature

created on 1/28/21

Must Read Poetry

Poetry and novels in verse for middle and high school readers.

created on 1/21/21

Listen Up

Best New Audiobooks

created on 1/14/21

Literary Hugs

Light & Heartwarming Books

created on 1/14/21

Bingeworthy TV

New Year. New Seasons.

created on 12/26/20

Best of 2020 - Adult Nonfiction

Books, Audiobooks, & e-Audio/Books

created on 12/21/20

Best of 2020 - Adult Fiction

Book, Audiobook, & E-Audio/Books

created on 12/21/20