Iowa Teen Awards

The Iowa Teen Award honors books written for a young adult audience. Each year, students in grades 6-9 nominate and vote on their favorite books published within the past three years.

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  • Ugly


    by Robert Hoge


    Summary: Robert Hoge was born with a tumor the size of a tennis ball in the middle of his face and short, twisted legs, but he refused to let what made him different stand in the way of leading a happy,...  more »


    Call #: J B HOGE

    Locations: Juvenile Biographies, New Juvenile Biographies

    copies in: 0 of 2 details

  • Refugee


    by Alan Gratz


    Summary: Although separated by continents and decades, Josef, a Jewish boy living in 1930s Nazi Germany; Isabel, a Cuban girl trying to escape the riots and unrest plaguing her country in 1994; and Mahmoud, a...  more »


    Call #: J F GRATZ

    Location: Juvenile Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Backfield boys

    Backfield boys2017

    by John Feinstein


    Summary: When best friends Tom and Jason leave New York City for an elite, sports-focused boarding school in Virginia to play football, they find some coaches and teammates to be steeped in racism.


    Call #: YA F FEINSTEIN

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Solo


    by Kwame Alexander


    Summary: Seventeen-year-old Blade endeavors to resolve painful issues from his past and navigate the challenges of his former rockstar father's addictions, scathing tabloid rumors, and a protected secret that threatens his own identity.


    Call #: YA F ALEXANDER

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • One of us is lying

    One of us is lying2017

    by Karen M. McManus


    Summary: The Breakfast Club meets Pretty Little Liars, One of Us Is Lying is the story of what happens when five strangers walk into detention and only four walk out alive. Everyone is a suspect, and everyone...  more »


    Call #: YA F MCMANUS

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • The shadow cipher

    The shadow cipher2017

    by Laura Ruby

    Series: York (Laura Ruby) - #1


    Summary: In an alternate history of New York, three kids try to solve a modern-world puzzle and complete a treasure hunt laid into the streets and buildings of the city.


    Call #: YA F RUBY

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Top prospect

    Top prospect2016

    by Paul Volponi


    Summary: Travis Gardner is a standout QB by the time he reaches middle school. When his older brother joins the elite football program at Gainesville University, the head coach offers Travis a scholarship...  more »


    Call #: YA F VOLPONI

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • Lily and Dunkin

    Lily and Dunkin2016

    by Donna Gephart


    Summary: "Lily Jo McGrother, born Timothy McGrother, is a girl. But being a girl is not so easy when you look like a boy. Especially when you're in the eighth-grade. Norbert Dorfman, nicknamed Dunkin Dorfman,...  more »


    Call #: YA F GEPHART

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • The seventh most important thing

    The seventh most important thing2016

    by Shelley Pearsall


    Summary: "In 1963, thirteen-year-old Arthur is sentenced to community service helping the neighborhood Junk Man after he throws a brick at the old man's head in a moment of rage, but the junk he collects...  more »


    Call #: YA F PEARSALL

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Saving Red

    Saving Red2016

    by Sonya Sones


    Summary: When Molly realizes that the friends who Red keeps mentioning are nothing more than voices inside Red's head, she becomes even more concerned about her well-being. How will Molly keep her safe until she can figure out a way to get Red home?


    Call #: YA F SONES

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • Some kind of happiness

    Some kind of happiness2016

    by Claire Legrand


    Summary: Finley Hart is sent to her grandparents' house for the summer, but her anxiety and overwhelmingly sad days continue until she escapes into her writings which soon turn mysteriously real and she...  more »


    Call #: J F LEGRAND

    Location: Juvenile Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • The thing about jellyfish

    The thing about jellyfish2015

    by Ali Benjamin


    Summary: Some hearts beat only about 412 million times. Which might sound like a lot. But the truth is, it barely even gets you twelve years. Suzy Swanson has always known things that others don't. She can...  more »


    Call #: J F BENJAMIN

    Location: Juvenile Fiction

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

  • Serafina and the black cloak

    Serafina and the black cloak2015

    by Robert Beatty

    Series: Serafina Series


    Summary: In 1899, a twelve-year-old rat catcher on North Carolina's Biltmore estate teams up with the estate owner's young nephew to battle a great evil and, in the process, unlocks the puzzle of her past.


    Call #: YA F BEATTY

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Kalahari


    by Jessica Khoury


    Summary: "Deep in the Kalahari Desert, a Corpus lab protects a dangerous secret. But what happens when that secret takes on a life of its own? When an educational safari goes wrong, five teens find themselves stranded in the Kalahari Desert without a guide"--


    Call #: YA F KHOURY

    Location: YA Fiction

    copies in: 0 of 1 details

  • Lumberjanes. Book 1, Beware the kitten holy

    Lumberjanes. Book 1, Beware the kitten holy2015

    by Noelle Stevenson artist

    Series: Lumberjanes (Graphic Novels)


    Summary: "Five best friends spending the summer at Lumberjane scout camp...defeating yetis, three-eyed wolves, and giant falcons...what's not to love?! Friendship to the max! Jo, April, Mal, Molly and Ripley...  more »



    Location: YA Graphic Novels

    copies in: 1 of 1 details

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