South To America : A Journey Below The Mason-Dixon To Understand The Soul Of A Nation

South To America : A Journey Below The Mason-Dixon To Understand The Soul Of A Nation



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Summary: An essential, surprising journey through the history, rituals, and landscapes of the American South -- and a revelatory argument for why you must understand the South in order to understand America. We all think we know the South. Even those who have never lived there can rattle off a list of signifiers: the Civil War, Gone with the Wind, the Ku Klux Klan, plantations, football, Jim Crow, slavery. But the idiosyncrasies, dispositions, and habits of the region are stranger and more complex than much of the country tends to acknowledge. Imani Perry shows that the meaning of American is inextricably linked with the South, and that our understanding of its history and culture is the key to understanding the nation as a whole. This is the story of a Black woman and native Alabaman returning to the region she has always called home and considering it with fresh eyes. Her journey is full of detours, deep dives, and surprising encounters with places and people. She renders Southerners from...  more »
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First edition.

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An errand into wilderness : Appalachia -- Mother country : Virginia -- Animated roulette : Louisville -- Mary's land : Annapolis and the caves -- Ironic capital : Washington, DC -- The clearing : upper Alabama -- Tobacco Road in the Bible Belt : North Carolina -- King of the South : Atlanta -- More than a memorial : Birmingham -- Pearls before swine : Princeton to Nashville -- When Beale Street talks : Memphis -- Soul of the South : the Black Belt -- Home of the flying Africans : the Low Country -- Pistoles and flamboyán : Florida -- Immobile women : Mobile -- Magnolia graves and Easter lilies : New Orleans -- Paríso : the Bahamas and Havana.

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New York, NY : ECCO, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers, [2022]



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xix, 410 pages ; 24 cm

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