Whole Person Librarianship : A Social Work Approach To Patron Services

Whole Person Librarianship : A Social Work Approach To Patron Services



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Summary: Guides librarians through the practical process of facilitating connections among libraries, social workers, and social services; explains why those connections are important; and puts them in the context of a national movement. Collaboration between libraries and social workers is an exploding trend that will continue to be relevant to the future of public and academic libraries. This book incorporates practical examples with insights from librarians and social workers. The result is a new vision of library services. The authors provide multiple examples of how public and academic librarians are connecting their patrons with social services. They explore skills and techniques librarians can learn from social workers, such as how to set healthy boundaries and work with patrons experiencing homelessness; they also offer ideas for how librarians can self-educate on these topics. The book additionally provides insights for social work partners on how they can benefit from working with...  more »
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Sister professions -- A little bit of history --Shared ethics -- Growth of library-social work collaboration -- Online resources -- Relationships are the new reference collection -- Overview -- Sara's story -- Building the relationship-based reference collection -- Social work concepts for patron services -- Online resources -- Partners in the library -- Overview -- Harrison's story -- Inspiration into justification -- Justification into action -- Action into sustainability -- Adaptations for academic libraries -- Online resources -- Social work students: "Living the dream" in the library -- Overview --Jason's story -- Social work education: The basics -- Collaborating with the school of social work -- Academic librarians and social work students -- Online resources -- Full-time library social workers -- Overview -- Ashley's story -- The classic model: San Francisco Public Library -- Logistics of the hire -- Data collection and documentation -- Onboarding -- Supporting the social worker -- Online resources -- Advocating for change -- Overview -- Leslie's story -- Advocacy through a social work lens -- Internal and external advocacy -- Online resources -- Sustainable practice -- Overview -- Karen's story -- Self-care vs. sustainable practice -- Cultural humility -- Reflective practice and reflective supervision -- Online resources -- Future Directions -- Libraries as social work host sites -- Social work education for library school students -- Multiple social workers in a library system -- Whole person library management -- Professional involvement and professional organizations -- Online resources.



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xii, 175 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm

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  • Includes bibliographical references and index.
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