Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter


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In 2012, a seventeen-year-old African American boy named Trayvon Martin was murdered in cold blood by a neighborhood vigilante. When the murderer was acquitted, shock waves ran through African American communities across the United States. The frustration over the perceived lack of value of African Americans in the United States spurred #BlackLivesMatter. The activist group mobilized as a rash of killings of unarmed African Americans by police seemed to plague the country. But many whites didn't understand their cause and responded with All Lives Matter. The viewpoints in this resource ask important questions regarding race in the United States.
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Opposing viewpoints series

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Do Black Lives Matter, or Do All Lives Matter? -- Black Lives Matter because black people are persons / Anthony B. Bradley -- White people are complicit in racism / John Metta -- Black Lives Matter is confusing to voters / Hannah Spencer -- Of course all lives matter--that's not the point / Mike Jordan Laskey -- We must respond to white ignorance / Mary Joyce -- Police are abusing the African American community / Judith Valente -- Does Black Lives Matter Have the Wrong Focus? -- Myths about Black Lives Matter should be debunked / Leroy Barber -- Gang violence is BLM's own worst enemy / Derryck Green -- Black Lives Matter should expand its focus / Garrett Felber -- Psychology can improve cop-community relations / Kirsten Weir -- Insight policing can build bridges / Megan Price and Bruce A. Blitman -- Black Lives Matter: Peaceful Protesters or Fermenters of Violence? -- Black Lives Matter is supported by Communism / James Simpson -- Black Lives Matter is breathing new life into the Civil Rights Movement / Fredrick C. Harris -- Comparing BLM to white supremacists is ludicrous and dangerous / Melanie Schmitz -- Nonviolent protest is a privilege not afforded to all / Nisa Dang -- Are African Americans Really Treated Worse by Law Enforcement? -- Statistics on shootings speak for themselves / Alem Tedeneke -- Video evidence is subject to interpretation / Roseanna Sommers -- Numbers tell terrible truth about Black Lives Matter / David French -- Police brutality cannot be all about race / Universal Life Christian Monastery -- Only independent investigations can create trust / Walter Katz -- Blue Lives Matter paints cops as victims / Adam Quinn.



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  • Includes bibliographical references (pages 195-196) and index.
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