A Study In Treason : A Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery

A Study In Treason : A Daughter Of Sherlock Holmes Mystery


Series: The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries - #2


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Summary: "A continuation of USA TODAY bestselling author Leonard Goldberg's The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes, A Study in Treason is a new intriguing locked room mystery for Joanna and the Watsons to solve. The following case has not previously been disclosed to the public due to the sensitive information on foreign affairs. All those involved were previously bound by the Official Secrets Act. With the passage of time and the onset of the Great War, these impediments have been removed and the story can now be safely told. When an executed original of a secret treaty between England and France, known as the French Treaty, is stolen from the country estate of Lord Halifax, Scotland Yard asks Joanna, Dr. John Watson, Jr., and Dr. John Watson, Sr. to use their keen detective skills to participate in the hunt for the missing treaty. As the government becomes more restless to find the missing document and traditional investigative means fail to turn up the culprit, Joanna is forced to devise a clever...  more »
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First edition.

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A daughter of Sherlock Holmes mystery ; bk. 2



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299 pages : 23 cm.

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