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Frightfully Good Books

Scary books for Middle School readers.

created on 10/14/21

Awesome Story Weavers

Award winning and otherwise awesome books for tweens and teens written by authors who really know how to tell a story.

created on 3/12/21

Books Bob Ross Would Love

Groovy, relaxing, positive, and joyful books our favorite lovable landscape artist would love.

created on 2/18/21

Classic to Graphic

Classic (or soon to be classic) books reimagined as graphic novels for middle and high school readers.

created on 2/10/21

Must Read Poetry

Poetry and novels in verse for middle and high school readers.

created on 1/21/21

Let's Party!

Books to read when you want to celebrate.

created on 11/30/20

For Fans of Animal Crossing

You don't have to play the game to enjoy these books about cute animals, island adventures, and more!

created on 11/18/20