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October Ultimate Reading Challenge

Fantastic Fiction by Indigenous Authors

created on 9/28/23

Let Freedom Read

Banned and Challenged Books

created on 9/26/23

From the Paintbrush to the Pen

Fiction about artists and great works of art

created on 9/21/23

September Ultimate Reading Challenge

Fiction set in Latin America

created on 8/31/23

Women of Faith

Profound Personal Journeys of Faith in Fiction

created on 8/31/23

Haunted Houses

Are you brave enough for these spooky homes?

created on 8/31/23

JPL Staff Recommends

Check out your librarian's favorite fiction reads

created on 8/10/23

Fiction Favorites

JPL Adult Fiction Patron Picks

created on 7/30/23

Groundhog Day After Day

Time Loop Stories to Make You Happy Tomorrow is Coming

created on 7/10/23

Spook Your Shelf

Summer Scares for Adults

created on 7/6/23

Lighthearted But Deadly

Cozy Mysteries To Love

created on 7/3/23

Sister Soldier

Fiction and Nonfiction featuring Fearless Women

created on 7/23/22