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Patron Picks

Titles Collected From Our Adult Summer Reading Program

created on 7/26/22

Drink Specials

created on 7/26/22

Sister Soldier

Fiction and Nonfiction featuring Fearless Women

created on 7/23/22

Serial Killers

Stories of America's Worst and Most Prolific Murderers

created on 7/22/22

Beating the Odds

True Stories of Overcoming Unbelievable Circumstances

created on 7/19/22

Vacation, Interrupted

When "Beach Body" Doesn't Mean What You Think It Means

created on 7/12/22

Webs of Connection

Forced Together Through Fate

created on 7/8/22

Ugh, It's 4th Period All Over Again

Books you were to young to appreciate in high school

created on 7/2/22

Well...That was unexpected

Books with twist endings, and middles, and beginnings

created on 7/2/22


Books that have gone viral on social media

created on 6/18/22

Cool For The Summer

Stories from the Seas and Oceans

created on 6/15/22

Hot in Historical Fiction

The Best New Historical Fiction for Adults

created on 6/4/22

Iowa Homegrown Books

Books by authors with Iowa Connections

created on 5/26/22