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Merry Feels

Have yourself a Merry Romantic Holiday with one of these picks

created on 12/5/22

Best of 2022

Critically acclaimed books, movies, and music

created on 12/1/22

Holiday Movies

Fave flicks to get in the spirit stat!

created on 11/29/22

Are We There Yet?

Audiobooks for More Pleasant Road Trips

created on 11/23/22

Poetry for the Present

Popular Poets and Verses

created on 11/2/22

New in Mystery

Find these books on the New Arrivals shelves

created on 9/30/22

Stranger and Stranger

For fans of the Netflix Series "Stranger Things"

created on 9/10/22

Have you read it?

How many of these 15 top selling novels of the last 10 years have you read?

created on 9/10/22

Thank You For Being A Friend

Fiction Featuring Friendships and Found Family

created on 9/6/22

Fall for Historical Fiction

Say Goodbye to Summer and Fall for these Fresh Titles!

created on 9/3/22

Sister Soldier

Fiction and Nonfiction featuring Fearless Women

created on 7/23/22

Beating the Odds

True Stories of Overcoming Unbelievable Circumstances

created on 7/19/22

Webs of Connection

Forced Together Through Fate

created on 7/8/22