On Display at JPL

Check out work by two local photographers, Erika Thomson and Phillip Thomson. Phil and Erika happen to be married, but their photography styles are totally distinct. Read on for more details about Phil and Erika's work. 

Erika Thomson's Artist Statement

This collections of images started off as kind of a joke to myself; I had seen people on Instagram have multiple accounts and/or become “Instagram Famous”. I thought “why can’t I become Instagram Famous”. Though my Instagram account hasn't taken off; the way I look at things has developed into always being aware of my surroundings. Always seeing things from a different point of view and capturing what I see on my iPhone. The feel of my collection can relate to looking up. How often do people look up and stare at what is around them. To take a moment in their busy lives just to be and look and feel their surroundings . These images are moments in my life where I stopped myself from whatever I was doing to just to take look and capture a beautiful moment of looking up.


Phillip Thomson's Artist Statement

This is a re-envisioned look back through the years of the Des Moines music festival, 80/35. All artists featured have performed as headliners or supporting acts for the festival. My role, as it has been for all nine years of the festival, is to photograph and capture the highlights, mood and excitement that this music festival has brought to the community. These digitally re-created works of the original photographs are meant to reward the viewer for paying attention to detail and give wider understanding of the stroke by stroke nature in which they are produced. The works featured in this collection are from the most recent lineups of the past few years. This has been an ongoing project over many years that continues to grow as does the notoriety of the festival itself.

Call for Artists

Are you a photographer? A painter? Contact us if you are interested in displaying your work at the Johnston Public Library.