Lonely Readers Club

Event Description:

Flirting with the idea of a book club, but not interested in peopling or meeting? We get you. The JPL Lonely Readers Club is all of the book club with none of the meetings. The book for the month will be announced via the Facebook group @ facebook.com/groups/JPLLonelyReadersClub.

Print copies of the Lonely Readers Club book of the month will be available at JPL beginning the 8th of the month, while supplies last.

If you're feeling social, (as in, social media social), join the JPL Lonely Readers Club Facebook group and chat with fellow readers about characters, plot, how that one character really bothered you, or whatever else you need to get off your chest. It's the literary lonely hearts club for that little bit of recluse in all of us!

Discussion begins online on the last Monday of each month.

Date: Monday, November 28, 2022 (All Day)
Location: Online