The library will be closed Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.

Library Staff


Eric Melton

Library Director
Ph: 515-278-5233 ext. 604


Molly Guerra

Assistant Director / Circulation Manager
515-278-5233 ext. 606

Dreama Deskins

Technical Services and Information Technology Librarian
515-278-5233 ext. 608

Megan Sockness

Youth Services Librarian
515-278-5233 ext. 611

Elizabeth Stevens

Public Services Librarian
515-278-5233 ext. 613

Assistant Librarians

Rose H.

Assistant Librarian: Youth Services

Erin M.

Assistant Librarian: Public Services

Denise R.

Assistant Librarian: Circulation

Peggy R.

Assistant Librarian: Public Services

Jessica Y.

Assistant Librarian: Youth Services

Stephanie G.

Public Services Assistant Librarian